Considered as the cultural capital of the world, France is famous for its incredible collection of food, landscapes, and history to fill a trip across the largest country in Western Europe. From the vibrant streets of Paris to its impressive views from the Eiffel tower to luxury resorts on the Cote d'Azur or the French Alps, there is much more to discover during your travel to France. Feel the romance while tasting the French cheese and wine and enjoy the culture and history in the fabulous selection of the museums, including the Louvre.For your first travel to France, the following article covers a travel guide that will give you a general overview of France travel, in addition to important travel tips that will help you to enjoy a great trip to France.As one of the most important countries in Europe, it is often difficult to take the whole country of France, but it's possible to visit France and enjoy its culture.People who visit France will find a varied topography, which incorporates everything from the French Alps to the sandy beaches of the Mediterranean, providing the visitors an opportunity to plan their trip personally. What's more, France may be a country rich in history, making it home to a number of the top famous museums, monuments, architectural feats and historical sites of the world.As a serious destination, France travel is easy, and visitors will find a nation that's relatively easy to navigate even with language barriers, which caters to tourists trying to find a budget-friendly vacation or a luxury-filled shake the norm. Whatever your reason for your travel to France, the country is certain to impress, bearing repeat visits within the years ahead. Use France travel guide as a blueprint for what is going to be an unforgettable trip surely.To start with our travel guide let’s talk about the important places not to miss in France;France is a big country, rich in wonderful landscapes from the fretted coasts of Brittany to the canyons of the Pyrenees and the half-moon bays of Corsica, from the crowded capital of Paris to the Crozon peninsula beach in Brittany. There are many places to visit in France, namely;

Eiffel Tower Paris

Your travel to France won’t be complete if you don’t visit the Eiffel Tower in the heart of Paris. No one could imagine Paris today without it. But Gustave Eiffel constructed the elegant tower, for the World's Fair. And fortunately, the tower’s popularity assured its survival.


Synonymous with Parisian glamour, the Champs-Élysées cuts through one of the city’s most exclusive districts, with luxury hotels and high-end fashion boutiques. The avenue forms part of a grand 9km-long axis that extends from the Louvre, at the heart of the city, to the Grande Arche de la Défense, in the west. Referred to as the Triumphal Way, it offers impressive vistas all along its length. And it incorporates some of the city's most famous landmarks – not only the Champs-Élysées but also the Tuileries gardens, place de la Concorde, as well as the Arc de Triomphe.

Fourvière Hill, Lyon

Lyon, another city, considered to be the "second French city" because of its economic importance and its many cultural events such as the Festival of Lights. One of the interesting places to visit in Lyon is Fourviere Hill.When you visit Lyon, don't forget to visit, Presqu’île, and the town center, Place Bellecour, which is among the largest squares in France. The peninsula is surrounded by two main rivers, the Rhône and Saône, and is likely on the way to Fourvière Hill.There are many other places to visit in France; you just have to plan your trip and choose where to go and enjoy your travel. Once you’ve decided to travel to France and have already chosen which city to visit, don’t forget to learn about some travel tips that will help you in your trip and which will facilitate your travel and make it unforgettable.There’s one thing magical regarding France. Home to delicious food, high fashion, amazing landscapes, and delightful countrysides, this is why it's one of the most visited countries in the world.France has something to offer to every traveler. However, before you book your flight to France and begin refreshing your French, here are some essential tips that you need to know.

• Travel insurance

France is definitely one of the most visited countries in Europe; however, any sudden accident, sickness, or any health complication may make your trip terrible. Everything can happen during a trip; thus, travelers should take measures before travel.French authorities have obliged travelers to obtain travel insurance prior to their trip; thus, for those going through such incidents will have easy access to medical care.

• Language

The main language spoken in France is French, with some regional languages in local communities such as Occitan, Catalan, and Breton. English is highly spoken in major cities and tourist sites, but this should not be relied on. The French are honored of their language and will appreciate your effort to speak French but are willing to help if they speak English.

• Accommodation

Dorm rooms can vary from 15-40 EUR (17-45 USD) per night, depending on where you are staying. In Paris, rooms in hostels can value around 75 EUR (85 USD) or more. Budget hotels start about 60 EUR (68 USD) per night for a double room with free WIFI and air-conditioning. Accommodations are cheaper outside Paris, Bordeaux, and also the French region.

• Food

Known for its fine wine and luxury cheese, the French cuisine is a range of culinary traditions, be sure that you'll have some truly gourmet meals wherever in France, here are few dishes that you need to try:

• Croissant

You can’t go to France without trying the delicious baked goods, and the croissant is the top choice! Discover how this simple pastry should be cooked and enjoy your "petit dejeuner" just as locals.

• French Cheese

Whatever region you are in France, the cheese will be on the top. With a variety of cheese on offer, find the one for you and never look back. From brie to blue cheese, ask for a charcuterie board, and indulge yourself!

• Some of money-saving tips

Have a picnic – Eating out in France is expensive. Restaurants are costly, especially in Paris. Thankfully, there’s nothing more French than a picnic; get some cheese, bread, fruits, and meats, and have a picnic. You can have a good meal for less than 10 EUR (11 USD).Take the (slow) train – Train is the best transportation means to travel in Europe, it’s the cheapest and the easiest way to get around France. The TGV line may be expensive, but if you get the Eurail pass, you’ll save some euros.From the symbolic landmarks and historical sights to the beautiful beaches and delicious cuisine, France is full of charm, romance, and beauty. But if you’re traveling for the first time don’t forget to get a travel guide and to consult some important travel tips.

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