Best education by country; the level of quality of education differs around the world. Some countries have better school systems and are in the ranks of organizations like PISA, OECD, etc. In contrast, others are at the bottom of the rankings. Discover in this article the worst and the best education by country.

1. Best education by country; which countries have the best education system?

The United States of America: The USA is the most dominant economic and military power in the world and is also known for pop and jazz culture, and it also ranked first for the best countries in the world in education 2020.

Britain: Britain ranked second after the United States of America for the best countries in the world in education 2020. Britain has a high rate of literacy deficiency, with a rate of more than 99% among the population aged 15 years and over.

Canada: Canada ranked third in the list of the world's best countries in education 2020.

Germany: Germany has held the fourth place in the list of best countries in the world in education since 2019.

France: France has held the 5th best country in the world in education since 2019.

Finland: The educational system in Finland is one of the best in the world. It often surpasses the United States of America in reading, science, and mathematics, and the country has built a comprehensive educational structure designed to provide free education to all citizens. Early education in Finland turns around the concepts of learning through play to promote balanced growth. The basic stage is for a period of 9 years by teachers who have a master's degree. Their goal is to support pupils towards humanity and society and provide them with the knowledge and skills needed in life. The secondary stage is split into two main tracks; general and professional, both of which take about 3 years, as the general track takes a research study in schools and students take the national matriculation exam to determine the university specialization, while the vocational path focuses on learning professions and crafts and includes apprenticeships as well as school learning.

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2. Best education by country; best higher education

The United States of America: The USA has the best universities with its educational proposals as well as other advantages such as employment. Students can have the largest opportunities to learn and gain the largest amount of knowledge and experience. Among its best universities are Yale University and Harvard University.

Switzerland: The higher education system encourages students in Switzerland to gain educational knowledge from some of its top-ranked universities, including the Federal Polytechnic University, the University of Basel, and the University of Zurich.

Denmark: The Danish education system has divided the secondary and university education level into several sectors in which students can select their choices to complete their education; Academic career degree, a bachelor's degree in a business academy, a technical baccalaureate degree, a master's degree, and a technical master's degree. Among its most prominent universities to complete higher education, such as the University of Copenhagen provides research to some international universities such as the University of California and Oxford. And it is possible to study at the Technical University of Denmark in the Master’s Program in Modern Engineering and Applied Arts.

 Sweden: It is among the best countries in the world in higher education, as it includes more than 50 educational institutions that offer many specializations in higher education, such as the Karolinska Institute in the field of physiology and medicine, Uppsala University, which offers 70 master's degree programs, and the Chalmers University of Technology in the field of interior architecture design, mathematics and natural sciences The Master's programs are closely related to research areas and are all taught in English.

Netherlands: The Dutch higher education system was established in the year 1800 and has continued since then to develop educational curricula. Higher education includes research-oriented universities (WO) that focus on theoretical and research subjects such as the arts and sciences, and HBO, which means higher education and vocational training subjects that focus on topics of practical and applied education of the professions targeted in the markets.

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