Preschool education enables the development of children's personal and cognitive skills and abilities. The learning is based on the contributions of neuroscience and respects the child's brain development stages during which he acquires sensorimotor, cognitive, emotional, and social skills.

1. Preschool education

Preschool education welcomes very young children to prepare them for basic learning in writing, reading, and arithmetic. It is a preparatory period for elementary education. The main objectives are socialization, the establishment of language, number, and graphic gesture.

2. What is the preschool education program?

In preschool education, teaching is divided into five areas of learning. Here they are:

  • Oral and written language

Understanding, discussing, and awakening to the oral language is one of the main objectives of the small school. It is about giving them the keys to communicate better. Writing also takes its part in class; students learn the function of writing and discover the alphabet.

  • Tools for structuring thought

Always with the objective of discovery, the nursery school ensures to give the pupils the first tools so that they build their thoughts. This notably involves familiarization with numbers, shapes, and the notion of magnitude.

  • Physical activity

Working out through physical activity (running, throwing, and receiving objects, balance games, etc.) is part of the preschool's lessons. Sport is to help children develop their motor skills, stimulate their senses, their interpersonal skills, and their intellectual faculties. Of course, physical activity also promotes strong values ​​such as respect and living together.

  • Artistic activity

Very present in the preschool education program, the arts allow children to arouse their curiosity, to give them a taste for drawing, music, theater, or even dance. Arts education is the first step towards culture.

  • Exploring the world

In this very broad category of preschool education, exploring the world is akin to the discovery of living things; animals and plants, the manipulation of objects, as well as the apprehension of time and space.

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3. Importance of preschool education

Preschool education plays an important role in the child's development because it will determine the characteristics of the person in the making; it is practiced during a period of life when basic skills and self-reliance skills are established. Research has shown that basic skills and life skills depend on how the brain develops. The brain's architecture is determined during early childhood, and the experiences that a child has during this phase contribute to its development by building its basic abilities.

4. Advantages of preschool education

4.1 Socialization

Preschool education gives the children the opportunity to learn to live together in groups. They socialize in the classroom or the playground through interactions with other children as well as with their educators. In addition, they are already learning the rules of class life. Starting first grade will then be easier because they will already have this approach to school life and its codes.

4.2 Autonomy: Develop personal skills and autonomy

Through the many preschool education activities of awakening, language, and creation or motor skills, the child will develop many skills. He will discover, extend, and increase his personal capacities, autonomy, and knowledge of the world around him. Thus, preschool education contributes to the child's motor, socio-emotional, and intellectual arousal and allows him to develop his autonomy.

4.3 Learning

With preschool education, your child will learn about reading, literature, numbers, writing, etc. He thus has access to a first approach to the main bases of learning. By taking the time to discover these concepts, he will be better able to understand them and assimilate them in primary education and for the rest of his schooling. Numerous studies have shown that children thus stimulated from an early age then do much better in school.

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