A swamp cooler or an evaporative cooler is a cooling system that is an alternative to the traditional conditioning system. The cooler uses evaporation to cool the air of its surrounding. Swamp coolers are not only practical but also affordable. It is cheaper to install a swamp cooler than any other cooling device. Nevertheless, swamp coolers only function appropriately in areas with low humidity. As long as a place has dry and hot climates, swamp coolers will be good for the region. Are you wondering if swamp coolers are a good option for Colorado?  Read on and find out!  

Are Swamp Coolers a Good Fit for Denver?

As highlighted earlier, swamp coolers work best in regions that have dry and hot climates. When you analyze the environment of Colorado, you will realize that Denver fits the bill. The coolers are a perfect option because they have extremely low maintenance requirements. After you have installed the device, you should only clean it or have someone check it once a year.

Moreover, the cooler will be suitable if you have an allergy sickness or an underlying respiratory disorder. It takes in fresh outside air when the doors and windows are open. As a result, it offers clean and high-quality air. If you install the cooler, you do not have to worry about the recirculation of stale air.

If you are among the people who prefer using environmentally friendly products, then a swamp cooler will be a good fit. The coolers are more energy sufficient, and they do not cause noise pollution. Additionally, they emit less CO2 when you compare them to traditional air conditioners.

After learning the benefits of installing a swamp cooler, you likely intend to install one. Now that numerous options range from different types and brands, you are likely to wonder which the best fit is. Would you like to know some outstanding options for swamp coolers? Read on and get enlightened.

Residential Swamp Coolers

Residential swamp coolers are a good option if you want to keep your home space cool during summer. There are several options for residential coolers. It is up to you to settle for what suits you better. Before you decide, it is necessary to understand how various options function and compare performances.

Whatever option you will settle for, ensure you choose a cooler that is easy to install, has stainless still features, and contains adjustable anchor plates. The coolers function differently from typical air conditioners. It is necessary to comprehend how the system operates so that you can make the most of it and, at the same time, reduce the consumption of energy.

An evaporating cooler is an excellent option because it is a low capital investment. The devices not only have low operational costs, but they are cheap to purchase and install. Actually, for a fraction of an amount you can use to buy a traditional conditioner, you can get a powerful evaporative cooler that can function effectively in large spaces. Therefore, they are a good option if you want to enhance your home’s comfortability, but you have a tight budget.

Would you like to keep your home space comfortable but do not incur the high cooling cost? Then a swamp cooler is a good option. It relies on the evaporation of water to reduce a high temperature. Therefore, lowering the amount of energy required. In Denver, the hot and dry climate will enable evaporation to take place quickly. As long as you have a quality cooling system, you will save highly on energy costs.

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Industrial Swamp Coolers

Industrial evaporative coolers are an effective solution for industrial spaces. As you know, most industries workers and equipment are likely to be unproductive in seasons with high temperature.  If you ensure the climate is moderate throughout, then the production will not go down no matter the season. A manufacturing company that has too much heat is likely to produce low-quality goods. We can’t forget that there is always pressure on the American industries to deliver goods that match offshore products. Therefore, industry owners have to ensure that they make high-quality goods by providing the right environment.

A good environment is also healthy for employees. Over the years, scorching climates have resulted in heat exhaustion, heat cramps, and worse conditions, heat strokes. If you want to maintain industrial employees, you have to ensure that your premises have the right temperature. It is possible to maintain the ideal environment by installing a swamp cooler.

In the past, most industries functioned appropriately as long as the windows and doors were opened and had fans. But due to global warming, there are extreme temperatures. It is no longer possible to get quality air with the same practice. The only efficient solution is to install industrial swamp coolers.

Professional Evaporative Cooler in Denver Co

After looking at the numerous benefits of installing swamp coolers, you likely intend to purchase one. That’s a good decision, but the cooler’s effectiveness will depend on the manufacturer and the installation. Subsequently, it is good to work with a renowned coolers manufacturing company like Premier Industries, Inc. We have manufactured and installed swamp coolers in the Southwest region for over three decades.

Our evaporative coolers have unique features hence efficient and durable. We have experts experienced in sustaining evaporative coolers. Therefore, as long as you reach out, you can be assured of top-notch services. We have a long-standing reputation not only for manufacturing both residential and industrial coolers and selling the same. Additionally, our products come with numerous configurations. Therefore, you can find one that will be suitable for your home or industrial space in Denver.

In the past, air conditioners were the ultimate option to cooldown commercial or residential spaces. Evaporative coolers have recently become a popular initiative, especially in Denver, which has a hot and dry climate. Explore our coolers options today and purchase what will suit your needs best. In case you want a more advanced option, we can customize an evaporative unit to take care of your needs. For all the options we offer a ten-year warranty. There is no better deal than this! Contact us to buy an evaporative unit today and enjoy its benefit.

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