Environment and psychology are very two different fields in what is perceived to be the critical conversations that we must have as a species. But in the grand scheme of things, one does not separate them from each other, precisely the human psyche and the after-effects of pollution on its state.

1. The environment and psychology

There is a new relationship that develops around the collective zone where most human beings live and build their civilizations. In the long run, there are estimates of about 30 % that many parts around the globe will be returned to nature by the effect of time and abandonment or by human influence, and future data show even more evolution.

1.1 The environment influencing psychology

It is out of the question that there is a massive difference between the effects of the area surrounding human perception, depending on its type. If it is an urban environment where there is less technological traffic, it brings a sense of togetherness and clarity, as opposed to a city environment where there is significantly less green and more technological thinking. And that new age of connectivity is the one that brings out this neutral energy in the human psyche.

1.2 Psychology on the environment

Environment and psychology work together most of the time. Psychologists found a way to turn the environment into a therapeutic experience for anyone who is in a less than a favorable mental state. On the other side of the spectrum, we find that psychology influences the way we perceive nature and that psychologists often use various environmental terms to assess the mental state of the patient. There are some sociological factors that come into play when speaking about the psychology of the masses, but the results of the data gathered shows that it is international.Related: The impact of technology on our lives

2. Preserving environmental psychology

The way the environment changes the human understanding of surroundings, and several other factors are the only way to examine its effect on psychology. And since that effect is so grand, it needs to have preservations. In other words, protecting the surrounding environment and keeping it clean and neat can help the person navigate their daily tasks.

2.1 Continuous cleaning

It is imperative to keep our horizon clean and treat the environment as a collective house in which human civilization thrived on its natural resources. A big part of that cleaning is happening right now. But the challenge is spreading the necessary awareness to control the flow of nature. And that is achievable through making sure that the area around each one of the human race is pollution-free.

2.2 Environment on a high level

Making this case a global and comprehensive movement is the job of those who have influence, and that can range from actors to models to politicians and a couple of other slices of society. The objective is to make the most of what exists on the planet and advancing its properties using science and technology, and they were the ones that solved humanity’s problems after all. In the chance that human psychology was affected as a whole with the constant industrialization of nature and the environment around the newer generations, then they will forget what environment was indeed like in the early days.

Originally published on Live Positively.