There are great effects of technology advancement on human life and the development of societies, as technology advancement has brought more levels of luxury to the human being in various educational, practical, industrial, health, and other fields. In the following, we are going to see the technology advancement and its importance in life.The emergence of technology throughout the world makes people more and more addicted since it makes their lives easier and couldn’t go back to old methods that they used to work with.Technologies used in different fields and sectors, such as education, industry, health, economy, business, etc.In the economic field, technology development, including the robot and automation of production, artificial intelligence, and the emergence of a digital platform, fundamentally change the work nature, the ways how the businesses are operated, and the workers' way of living.Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has got a big buzz over the past few years, but it's still a trend to watch as its impact on how we live, function, and play. Furthermore, other sections of artificial intelligence have been established, like Machine Learning.Artificial intelligence refers to computer systems that are designed to imitate human intelligence and accomplish different tasks in speed, accurate, and precise ways.People around the world are using and working with artificial intelligence every day, including apps, transmission services, and smartphone assistants, and many others. Furthermore, Artificial intelligence is utilized in many domains, such as medical, industry, economy, and education.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a section of Artificial Intelligence. Computers are programmed to learn how to do things they are not programmed to do thanks to machine learning; they learn by exploring patterns and insights from data. In other words, there are two sorts of learning, supervised and unsupervised.The information technology revolution is for all practical purposes a second industrial revolution in the history of humanity, impacting every facet of business, society, and life worldwide with speed beyond imagination. As in the case of the industrial revolution, the growth and expansion of information technology began during the early 1950s but continued through the following decades.During the 1960s and 70s, computer technology mainly used in business data processing and scientific applications of mostly number-crunching nature. Therefore, the use of technology was restricted to those who had good control of these systems and computer programming languages. With the merge of computer telecommunication in the 1980s, new information technology was born with strong focus on the management and dissemination of information shared by both information providers and users. The advancement of personal computers and the capacity of users to communicate to each other despite locations have driven information technology into the lives of society.In the last few years, the science of understanding the nature of information processing and management linked with computer and telecommunication technologies to process, spread, and manage information has become known as information science and technology. This new science covers many resources and elements, including the type of information, computer hardware technologies, computer software technologies, telecommunication technologies, etc.New science, new technology, new world are sign of change and modernity, people nowadays become ever more attached to new and modernistic life since it facilitate their way of living by using new technologies in different fields.

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