Technology engineering is the progress of designing solutions to human problems. Engineers apply ingenuity in devising new solutions, using expert knowledge of the properties of materials and systems to model the behavior of the design.

What is technology engineering?

Technology is the knowledge or expert skill of how to realize things, (techno; means skill and ology mean the branch of knowledge), by using tools.

Difference between engineering and technology

Engineering is design progress, combining knowledge of the properties of materials, models that predict how these behave, and new thinking, to create novel solutions to human needs.Whereas technology is defined as the progress of making things by using tools and process skills to bring physical reality the plans of engineers

Engineering technology

Engineering technology is the application of science and technical expertise to engineering tasks in industries. Engineering techs help in the establishment of equipment, conducting experiments and collecting data, it may also be implicated in the design and development of a process by the use of computer and drafting equipment or constructing prototypes.

Industrial engineering

Industrial engineering is the branch of engineering and a profession that deals with the understanding of how to make or do things better. It is concerned with reducing production costs, increasing efficiency, improving the quality of products, and services, protecting the environment and complying with government regulations.Today if we talk about development, science and technology couldn't be neglected. Indeed science and technology work hand in hand in the advancement of industries and every sector in society.


Science essentially is the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the natural and physical world through observations and experiments, and it is developed with human civilization.


It is competence and ability used to create and develop products and acquire knowledge.Scientists use their knowledge to develop technology and then use technology to develop science; thus, science and technology are depending on each other and work side by side in today’s world.Now, as we said that science and technology are depending on each other let's talk about the relation between them and how they are related:

  • The contribution of science to technology

Science is a direct source of new technological ideas, such as innovation and development of medical instruments, nuclear technology, radar system, and many other useful technologies.Science is also a source of engineering since technical knowledge used in the designing and development of equipment and techniques are actually a result of engineering science.

  • The contribution of technology to science

The advancement of technology facilitates the researches in the field of science, scientists use new and developed instruments and tools for their studies and researchers; for example, they managed to measure the distance between sun and earth and to discover internal problems of human beings.

Engineering management

Engineering Management is a particular form of management concerned with the application of engineering principles to business practice.Engineering management is a profession that gathers the technical problems of engineering and the planning competences of management to supervise complex enterprises from conception to completion. Some of the engineering sectors are product advancement, manufacturing, construction, design engineering, industrial engineering, technology, production, and many other fields that hire workers who accomplish an engineering task.

Engineering Technology degree

An Engineering Technology degree highlights the implementation of special engineering techniques. The graduated engineers find jobs in the production, design, and manufacturing sectors.Graduates with an Engineering Technology degree usually look for jobs in fields such as production, design, manufacturing, and operations. They may works in consulting development, research capacities and implementation for current technologies, research tracking technology in space exploration, etc.

Engineering degrees

Engineering is a general term that covers a big variety of applications and industries. Including mathematics, science, and technology, engineers create solutions to real-world problems. Therefore there are many different types of engineering degrees available.Formerly, there used to be four major branches of engineering degrees, namely: mechanical, chemical, civil, and electrical each with sub-branches.Whereas today, there are two other branches added to the four existing, which are management and geotechnical and different subcategories of engineering under each branch.

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