Technology benefits everyone in every society there is today, no matter the culture or the heritage. It has managed to enter our lives and force its existence in our daily chores; it is here, and it is here to stay. The reason behind this invasion that the world is undergoing is due to the fact that it is reliable, consumable, marketable, and versatile. The average human being has between 11 to 19 machines operating on electric power in his house.

1. The ease of use

It was a common criticism that technology was too complex to grasp for the elderly and the people that were not accustomed to using it. But in recent years, the technique worked on developing itself. Whether it be through tutorials or the design itself that was laid out by the technicians. Either way, it is easier than ever to operate a new washing machine or a smartphone. There is even an option in smartphones to make the layout of applications and services simpler for those who fancy it. Another example of the facilitation of technology is videogames, specifically the consoles that people use to play them. The design for them is very minimalistic and slick, frequently including a button for the disk ejector and injector, as well as another button to turn the machine on and off. The philosophy behind such a simplistic design is simple; the marketing of the device becomes much easier when it is easy to pilot by anyone. The same thing goes for smartphone design, and the many nuances it brings with its slickness. Usually, smartphones have a similar layout on the exterior of the device; a speaker and headset, a headphone jack or lack thereof in recent models, a volume up and down button, and an on and off switch. This layout has been the same for about 13 years, all because it works well with the consumers and the materials alike.

2. Technology saves lives

There have been countless times where people would come close to death, and technology is the only obstacle. The fact is that since the year 2000, healthcare improved by 53% thanks to the evolution of technology. If it were not for the advancement that humans have done in technology, most of the deadly diseases that plagued it a long time ago. In our day and age, the threat of having a fever or the flu is substantially decreased thanks to technological development. Even in the pandemic that we are living in today, the use of technology made the peoples of the world stand together and figure out a way to stay together in this time of hardship. The same technology allowed for doctors around the world to inform the population of the planet about the disease and prevent misinformation. That same technology is the one being developed today to ensure that the next generation will not encounter the same atrocities and will not make the same mistakes that this one did. In short, technology is necessary for the wellbeing of millions of people around the globe. And although it impacts on the planet might be grave, the use of science and dedication to solve such problems is the thing that got humanity to its elevated status that it is in today.Related: What are the benefits of technology?

3. Technology and information

The undeniable need for acquiring, partition, logging, Blogging, and various other methods of storing information made the world we live in today based on these ideals. That need became a Billion-dollar industry where Youtubers and content creators can share as much info about their daily lives and activities. And in the center and core of this digital information market, the technology serves as the leading supplier. The technology provides the tools necessary to the growth of the industry; devices that allow for multiple ways of sending and receiving data at any point in time, and that cycle became so popular among the youth and millennials that scientific development finally allowed for the ability to connect to the web without having to make much motion. The closest thing to telepathy that science and technology can ever get humans to be, and for no less than the price of a computer, though an expensive one.The reason why technology and information work so efficiently side by side is that information was so scarce and hard to obtain and develop to perceivable content that something had to push this instinctive human need into its fullest potential. It would take years to put an idea into a silhouette and then release it to the public so that they can react to its content and digest it. As an example, music 40 years ago was a hard business to get into and consider as a personal career. Not because it was as competitive as it is today, but on the contrary of all things, there were not many artists that could record their artistic vision and publicize it. But in our world today, everyone can record themselves singing or performing and post it on their social media accounts.

4. The Impact of technology on the long term

It is expected that the reach of technology will not settle and that it will push humanity into new dawns and challenges. There will be flying cars, underground roads, no combustion or air pollution, and the world will grow more and more connected. Healthcare will be the top priority, which means that new and improved ways of self-medicating will appear, and staying at home while consulting the doctor online will be more comfortable and cheaper. Ultimately, it will lessen the number of people that go to hospitals, making them less susceptible to being overwhelmed. And carrying a smart device will be an essential function that every human with a relatively small budget must do. But whether the world will be better that way or not is a choice for the one who has it.

Originally published on Live Positively.