In general, we think about technology news and we imagine as if it is a big world surrounded by new electronic apparatuses which perform human tasks. Those technologies used in movies where cars are flying and robots talking are not just a sophisticated apparatus, technology comes from studies and modern ideas that human was seeking throughout time to make life easier.Nowadays, despite the advancement of technology and science, many people are against it and want a conservative and traditional world. In contrast, others are satisfied and participate in improving and creating new technologies for the modern world.

The latest news about web traffic

To identify and prevent troubles, also to be protected against the cyber-attack and design an efficient IT infrastructure, MIT has developed a supercomputer able to display the world smuggling on the internet.The internet is constantly evolving, with an ever-growing number of connected devices, in a world smuggling expansion. The global data transfer analysis represents a real challenge for researchers. With this information, they could help to create a more efficient network, prevent the troubles, and improve the cyber-attack defense.Till now, the tools are missing, but a team of researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) managed to create an analysis tool of internet smuggling basing on a supercomputer. They have analyzed almost 50 billion of data packets collected since 2015 in Japan and California.

Artificial intelligence could improve psychiatric care

Machine learning could enhance mental health care by interpreting doctors' conversations with their patients.Within the field of medicine, researchers and specialists are seeking to artificial intelligence and machine learning, to help them estimate and diagnose patients. Hoping that the technology might speed the process and offer assistance chose up on signals and patterns that aren’t as promptly clear to the human eye or brain. In the field of psychiatry, which requires discussions with patients to make decisions around care, it has the potential to augment care.

Google technology

Google will formally become a game company, one with its very own panel, controller, and distribution platform for the latest triple-A games. It may stand side by side with Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo, and Steam, or even surpass them one day.That’s since Google is the greatest company that throws its weight behind cloud gaming — a technology that allows you to play a game without discs or downloads, by streaming them from remote servers.In other fields, Google is preparing to join Apple and Facebook on the niche of personal banking and financial services with the launch of an offer of chequing accounts. Named "Cache," the project will be conducted in partnership with Citigroup Bank and a credit union at Stanford University.

Industry news

The latest industrial technology concerned the automotive sector, in which Hyundai is developing the world’s first machine learning-based Smart Cruise Control" system. Machine learning is a kind of artificial intelligence.Named SCC-ML (Machine Learning based Smart Cruise Control), this speed regulator is, according to Hyundai, is first-ever to use artificial intelligence. The device receives information from various sensors and cameras present in the car that reflect the driving habits of its owner: acceleration speed, tracking distance of another vehicle, reactivity to conditions. These elements will feed into a machine learning algorithm that will strive to mimic the driver's style.

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