Many people dream of living in another country like Italy, or Japan. Traveling to those countries is a wonderful experience, but living there is far different. When you live in a place and aren’t just there for the tourist experience, you get a new perspective and learn a lot of lessons.

It isn’t easy to move to another country, however. There are visas to secure, navigate a confusing culture, and adjust to another language. For those ready to accept the challenge, then there are many rewards. In this article, we will go over how to prepare to become an expat.

1. Decide on shipping your stuff vs buying new

 There are two trains of thought when it comes to making the move. Some people opt to get a container and send all of their stuff in it as well as hire a car shipping company. Others will sell or give away most of their belongings and buy everything new when they get settled into their new country.

There are pros and cons to either of those options. You have to ask yourself which is going to be best for you. Shipping a car may be easier than buying a new one since there are likely going to be some issues with getting legal to drive in your new country. If this is the case then read some reviews of Montway Auto Transport to get an idea of the cost.

If you aren’t planning to have a car when you arrive then you only have to consider if you should buy your furniture and clothing when you arrive and know where you will be staying. When you don’t have an emotional attachment to your household furnishings then it is usually better to buy them new since you will know better what you need in your new place.

2. Line up a job before you leave

Unless you have dual citizenship in the country where you plan to move, you're going to need a visa and a permit to stay there. This involves either studying or finding a job that will sponsor you. Once you find the job that will sponsor you then they will have to help you in securing the visa to come into the country.

Once you arrive then you have to set up a residency permit. These two things will look different depending on the country where you end up. Every country has its own immigration rules.

3. Try to integrate

Being a foreigner in a strange land can be very thrilling. It can also be very socially isolating at the same time. Those that try to integrate as soon as possible are the ones that get the most out of moving to a new country.

Make sure to put in a serious effort to learn the language. You may not get fluent but you should be able to hold a conversation. There are usually classes for foreigners and even some integration classes to help with the cultural barrier.