This article will cover 14 important Italy travel tips to travel like an Italian. Everyone knew and heard about the Italian cities; Rome’s imperial ruins, the capital of Italy, Venice’s romantic waterways, Milan, the city of shopping, Sicily, Sardinia, Capri, and many other amazing cities in Italy that do not need any description. These have all been recognized by travelers for years. In addition to the delicious foods and cafes and breath-taking landscapes and you have all the best ways for an unforgettable visit.Apart from the heading, what’s a trip to Italy be like? Here are some practical Italy travel tips that will help you and ensure that your first time in Italy is truly a magical experience.Tourists around the world are treated differently; you can find the best way to adopt the local inhabitants and traditions, to know better the culture. Talking about culture lovers and the most dream destination of most people, we certainly must talk about Italy. Italy has always been the top of destinations around the world. People who have already visited Italy still dream of going again and again. In addition to the fantastic touristic places, including history, art and architecture, and its beautiful sites such as the Colosseum and the leaning Tower of Pisa, people still love to travel to Italy to discover the Italian lifestyle. Italy's travel will be greater if you have acknowledged the Italian customs and traditions from a local.

1. Welcome people with kisses

To begin with, the first Italy travel tips, which is an important thing for the Italian. It is the fact that Italian people like to be welcomed with two kisses. Italians are warm-hearted, and they don't care about interrupting you just to say hi. The two kisses are the usual salutation and welcoming in Italy and anything less is inconvenient.

2. Don’t ask for a cappuccino after 11 am

Cappuccino is purely a breakfast drink, and Italians order it before 11 am, so if you just want to take a Cappuccino after 11, you'll be seen as a strange person or that you had a sleepless night and you have just awakened.

3. Take a “riposino” in Italy

One of the things that annoy foreign visitors in Italy is the closing shops at lunch break, particularly in summer. The Italians are used to close their shops after lunchtime to avoid the stifling heat and cover-up from the hottest hours of the day. So, if you are planning a trip to Italy, it would be better to rest after the lunch break and take a nap they go out again after 4 pm.

4. Avoid ketchup on pizza or pasta

Among one of the Italy travel tips concerning the food in Italy is when you are at the restaurant, and you request ketchup; it's like heartbreak for the chef because ketchup is used only on burgers and fries in Italy. If you put on pizza or pasta, you'll be pointed out by Italian. You'll get a disapproving look from the people next to you.

5. Take something sweet for breakfast

The breakfast of Italian includes a sweet cake, a coffee or cappuccino, and sometimes an orange juice. Most of the Italian hotels don't provide a cooked breakfast, so you have to get used to the Italian breakfast and enjoy your coffee with a croissant.

6. Clothing

Italians like to dress well, regardless of those who love wearing casual. Thus, on your trip to Italy, look for the best way to dress up to show off among the fashionable locals, especially if you visit Milan.

7. Avoid visiting Italy in summer

Another essential Italy travel tips that you need to put in mind is that Italians leave their country during summer school holidays. Whereas tourists from all over the world come to Italy; thus, prices increase. If you are willing to visit Italy, in particular, Rome or Milan during summer, the heat, and crowded city will leave a bad experience on you, though; try to visit Italy in spring or autumn, where the weather becomes mild, and the prices decrease.

8. Avoid the queue

While wandering in Italy and visiting historical and monumental cities, you will find informal lines everywhere, while getting tickets at the cinema, ordering food, or entering any museum such as in Rome, a huge line to buy a ticket to get inside the Colosseum.

9. Enjoy the “Aperitivo” way of life

Italians love food; indeed they enjoy three meals a day, Italians found that three meals during the day aren't enough, so they have added a snack between lunch and dinner, called "Aperitivo". It's like a pre-dinner meal taken between 5 pm and 8 pm, for example, most Italian bars provide an “Aperitivo" of crisps, pizzas, and snakes with a drink. “Aperitivo” is the most shared type in Italy.

10. Stop and chat with people

In Italy, no one is in rush. Italians usually stop you in the middle of the street to chat. So if someone you know crosses your way, just stop and take time to talk with, despite being late for your business, it's something important to speak with locals to understand their lifestyle. Be polite with people saying hello, and don't forget "Buena Giornata," meaning" Have a good day" while leaving.

11. Drink water, wine or beer with meals

The most shared drink in an Italian restaurant or at home is water, beer, or wine. So, while eating at the restaurant, you'll not be served of cocktail, and children can have sodas.

12. Everything is done later

In Italy, you wake up late, and have lunch or dinner late and then go to sleep late. If you ask for dinner before 7 pm, people will look at you in horror.

13. Speak with your hands

Italians used to use their hands a lot while talking and chatting, especially if they are showing you directions, so if you’ll be talking to an Italian just use your hands so that you’ll be understood easily.

14. Have your coffee at the counter

In Italy, if you want to be as locals, drink your coffee standing at the counter to save some euros, a counter coffee may cost 1euro. In contrast, a coffee at a table may cost 5 euros, and it can be more than 5 euros in most visited places such as in Piazza Duomo in Milan or Piazza Navona in Rome.

Originally published on Live Positively.