1. Water contributes to well-being

It is a known fact that water is an essential component of our bodies. Our bodies are around 65% water, and our blood has more than 90% of H2O in it. Health and sports experts recommend drinking water regularly, and it became mandatory for our bodies and minds to function within their proper manner. Body practitioners say that taking eight cups of water a day is the way to go, and here is the reason why:

  • Drinking water helps our body organs function properly. It helps with the digestive system and smooths out leftovers, while also contributing to the delivery process of Oxygen around the body.
  • Most dermatologists say that drinking reasonable amounts of water aids in the natural moisture that the skin houses and decreasing the levels of grease around the face area, preventing the spread of acne and bacteria. Water also releases moisture that creates the mucus that prevents bacteria from entering the body and the saliva that is vital for breaking up the food before entering the stomach area. And if water replaced any sweet beverage, it will, in turn, stop the decay of human teeth
  • Water can be an excellent stimulating for the brain, because it helps with the creation process of the hormones. Various science experiments have shown that dehydration can cause significant damage to the brain and may even affect the thinking process and dream forging.
  • One of the many benefits of water to the body is the fact that it acts as a waste disposal system, it helps cleansing the organs and moderate blood pressure.
  • Staying hydrated is a fantastic way to help the main function of the kidneys. It flows easily through both of them, giving them time to rest and calibrate the number of acids and minerals in the system.
  • These same minerals, as well as other nutrients, are dissolved faster and more accessible to all of the body parts in need thanks to hydration, such as muscles and tissues.
  • If water is drunk regularly, it may be able to help prevent breathing issues. Doctors recommend drinking water to asthma patients as a viable treatment until this day.

2. When do I drink water?

Staying hydrated is indeed good for the body, but drinking water mindlessly and without regulation may inflict the opposite effect. Water must be drunk according to the body clock and the sleep schedule, or else it might cause serious damage to the digestive system and other parts of the body. The best time to hydrate oneself when it comes to food digestion is about 30 minutes before you have it. It helps break the components in the mouth through saliva and other enzymes, and then it helps to digest the food in the stomach and in the intestines. Another excellent time to drink some water is right after waking up in the morning, it helps to flush down any remaining acids or toxins in the body. The same thing goes for sleep time, drinking water before sleep is the only way to prevent dehydration during the night, and keeping the body clock in check.Water is considered a great stimulate for skincare. Once more, when taken before a shower, it can even reach the hypodermis and relax the skin while the vapor sneaks into it, giving it that moisture and releasing the toxins.

2.1 Hydration schedule

7:15 - 1st GlassAfter a long night, your body will be in desperate need of some minerals.9:00 – 2nd GlassAbout 1 hour after breakfast, digest it faster, and flush out the waste.11:30 – 3rd glassHaving a glass of water before lunch will help you with your meal and make you eat intently and regularly.13:30 – 4th GlassThis glass will help to absorb the things your body needs from the food15:15 – 5th Glass17:30 – 6th glassThis a definite for most people, nut it will relief your stomach and help with relaxation before dinner20:15 – 7th glassThe last glass is the most important one, preferably a glass of warm water rather than cold, because it stabilizes blood pressure as well as glucose.Related: What is the ideal healthy diet for diabetics people?

3. Hydration compliments

Hydrating on a regular basis is very helpful and healthy. But we often find the people that do recommend water drinking are doing other healthy things, and that is, primarily, because hydration works best if accompanied by a couple of activities to boost its effect. These activities include:

3.1 Exercise

exercising and getting your body moving is a healthy way of living in and of itself, but with the moderate drinking of water, it builds up that muscle condensing in a safer manner than when they are dehydrated. But the most efficient task for this combination to perform is helping the immune system with its daily challenges and dealing with bacteria and infections. This is complementary to water’s ability to increase mucus and saliva production to facilitate further the mission of the immune system. While taking supplements will do none of that whatsoever.

3.2 Yoga and Meditation

Similar to exercising, yoga, and meditation, in general, are fantastic hobbies to get into. Drinking water will help the internal organs catch a breather, while the lungs, the muscles, sensory devices, and even the hair particles acquire their share of minerals and vitamins.

3.3 Diet

For those who suffer from obesity or find themselves wanting to eat more. Water fills up that void in the stomach, which is one of the reasons water is preferably drunk first thing in the morning because it helps keep that hunger and that need sedated. It also helps to release the toxic components of unhealthy food.

Originally published on Live Positively.