A travel to China necessarily gives the impression of a hypnotizing and contradictory country. China is both ancient and modern, familiar and strange, terribly urban but essentially rural, traditional and innovative, futuristic, and outdated.Every country in the world has its customs and traditions. Environmental and climatic factors are essential in forming the culture of people. Consequently, the lifestyles they follow in their lives and the practice of their rituals, so it is preferable before you travel, to get to know the customs and traditions of the host people so that you can enjoy the visit.A travel to China embodies many meanings about this ancient civilization, customs, traditions, and culture of the people. Recently China has become one of the tourist destinations that attract people from all over the world. Still, before you plan traveling to China, there are some important travel tips that you should know before your travel.Planning a travel to China may be daunting, even if you are a traveler expert. In the following article, we are going to demonstrate a full travel guide, including travel tips, travel insurance, places to visit, food, and all the essential things that you must know before planning your first trip to China.For your travel, you must be sure of all the necessary documentation and papers. It would be better if you have a valid passport with a special Chinese visa, in addition to travel insurance that covers your trip to China.Whether traveling individually or among a group, travel insurance is highly recommended to cover any unexpected incidents (medical emergencies, luggage lost, trip cancellation)Once preparing all your necessary papers, you can prepare your luggage and travel to the most populous country in the world; China.Moving to the travel tips; we are going to talk about the essential travel tips concerning a travel to China;

1. Chose when to travel to China

Plan your trip to China out of the Chinese holidays. Avoid to go during the official Chinese holidays, or during the Chinese New Year, the streets will be fully crowded, and then you can't enjoy your visit? China-briefing.com is a good source where you can obtain the holidays' schedules. Lastly, consider visiting China in late October to March, fir fewer crowds and cooler temperatures as well.

2. Get a travel guidebook

Concerning China travel guide books, there are plenty of options. Either buy a handbook or just download a digital book on your mobile device. Travel Guide books such as DK Eyewitness, Lonely Planet are much recommended since they cover everything you need for your visit to China.

3. Language

Many Chinese people can’t speak English, and most of them are shy and will not speak to you unless you do first. Those who may approach you are generally selling something. So, when traveling to China, it can be helpful to learn some phrases in the Chinese language and be aware of keeping your hotel card to show it to taxi drivers in case you get lost.

4. Chinese people

Chinese people will be happy if a foreigner tries to speak their own language. They will feel pride, even if it's a few words. The most important thing when you talk to Chinese people is to keep a smile on your face even if you are upset.

5. What about food

No doubt, Chinese food is different from the food of other countries. China is frequently known as the food capital of the world. With several kinds of dishes available, you could eat several dishes without repeating the same meal twice. In general, Chinese food is safe, but be aware and take precautions. There are various delicious dishes to choose from, don't be afraid to try new foods for the first time. Since every city offers its own unique specialties, you won't want to miss it. Stay safe, and enjoy your travel in China.

6. Shopping

When it comes to shopping, you almost will find everything in China; clothing, accessories, electronics, and many souvenirs to take back home. However, China seems to be expensive because of the costly tax, but you can do some bargains before buying, try to make the price lower as much as you can, especially in popular markets.Moving to some famous places to visit in China, such as; the Great Wall of China.One of the biggest building-constructions; the Great Wall of China, consists of many walls, which are parallel to each other. The Great Wall of China is in Beijing and located in different regions. Mao Zedong, the first Chairman, said, "Who has not climbed the Great Wall of China is not a true man," thus, the Great Wall of China should be at your wish list while traveling to China.

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