Islands of Malaysia appeal to travelers thanks to its unspoiled nature, where adventure knows how to meet. Far from crowded beaches and urban chaos, it is still possible, in Malaysia, to play Robinson on his island, in the middle of a thick jungle and surrounded by exceptional wildlife. Swimming with turtles is a daily occurrence in Tioman or Perhentians. Choosing which of the Malaysian islands to stay on can quickly prove difficult; this is why we decided to take a quick look to guide you, leaving for this very beautiful corner of Asia.

1. Pulau Langkawi

Pulau Langkawi is one of the islands of Malaysia located in the most northern part on the west coast. Very close to the border with Thailand. It is undoubtedly the best known and most popular island for western tourists. This archipelago of 99 islands makes vacationers happy since a ferry makes it possible to connect them very easily. Its beaches are beautiful (notably Pantai Cenang and Pantai Kok), and there are hotels on site for all budgets.

2. Perhentian

Perhentian Islands, one of the most beautiful tourist islands of Malaysia. The island offers its visitors many activities such as diving and sand sports fields. It includes, also, the most beautiful hotels that provide high-quality facilities and luxury at affordable prices, and its beaches are characterized by the softness of the sand and clear blue water.

3. Tioman

Less known than the Perhentian Islands, Tioman is nevertheless a charming island to discover in Malaysia.Tioman is especially famous for its rich and diversified seabed. Tioman is Malaysia's number one island for scuba diving. But also, for its tropical forest and its hikes. It’s an island where local people live year round. You will, therefore, find schools, a mosque, a hospital, and local houses between the hotels. And lots of scooters!

4. Matking Island

One of the Malaysian islands, which is famous for being a place of romance and tranquility. This island consists of two smaller islands, Matking Besar and Matking Kessel. This island is near the Philippine border, and this island crosses one of the most famous destinations in the world for spending honeymoon, and you can hold your wedding on the island. The island has a large number of landscapes that are not found anywhere else, and the climate on this island helps you to relax and calm down. Indeed, this island is one of the best romantic spots on the planet.5. Pangkor IslandPangkor Island is one of the most beautiful islands of Malaysia that are worth a visit. The island includes many beautiful beaches, including Benti Petri Beach and Golden Pangkor Beach, and also includes about 70 animal reserves, including reptiles and pets.Motor transportation is forbidden on Pangkor Island, but you can rent bicycles. The island also includes many natural parks and tropical forests. In addition to the many water activities that visitors can do on this unique island.Related: A Wonderful Escape: Why Traveling is the Perfect Stress Reliever6. Redang IslandRedang Island is one of the most beautiful and most important tourist islands of Malaysia. Which includes a group of islands adjacent to each other and travel among them through boats. Redang Island is one of the high-end islands in Malaysia, where many local events and parties take place, in addition to its many tourism activities and parks. It is one of the islands of Malaysia that deserves a visit.

7. Kitam Island

Fishing characterizes this island. Fishing in general and especially fishing for crabs. If you are a fan of fresh seafood, this island is your place. The prices of meals in restaurants for seafood are symbolic, given the restaurants ’reliance on fishing directly. Kiyam is divided into two small villages within the first It is Kampung Pulau and Kampung Sungai. Usually, tourists come to the village of Kampung Pulau, and this village consists of two main streets where restaurants, hotels, and banks are located, and there is an ATM on this island, specifically in the village of Kampung Pulau.

8. Sipadan Island

Sipadan Island is one of the most beautiful tourist islands of Malaysia; the island provides many attractions and activities for its tourists. Activities by boat tours around the island, in addition to diving and watching coral reefs.

9. Selangan Island

This island is located four kilometers away from Sandakan. It is called the National Turtle Island, as it contains a large number of turtles on its shores. The island consists of ten small islands, three islands from Malaysia, and seven islands belonging to the Philippines. The islands belonging to Malaysia are Selangan, Julisan, and Bakungen.

10. Pulau and Bayar Island

Pulau Island and Pierre are a couple of small islands located in the islands on the western side. And the only recreational places on this island are places where you can practice diving and snorkeling as it is made up of four small islands that contain a very large group of coral reefs scattered in all places. This city enjoys a large number of scenic landscapes under the surface of the water through the presence of these coral reefs in harmony and wonderful colors.

11. Pulau Dayang panteg (Pregnant Virgin Island)

The island of pregnant Virgin, one of the most beautiful islands of Malaysia in Langkawi. Characterized by a charm of beauty and reality of imagination. The name only tells us many of the secrets and attractiveness of this place that is distinguished by the islands of Malaysia.

12. Kapas Island

Located in the eastern part of the island, which is close to the city of Kuala Terbengano. This island does not have a large area. Each area of Kapas Island is 2 kilometers in width and one kilometer in length. Thus, Kapas Island is one of the smallest islands of Malaysia; this small island is one of its most important advantages. It does not have a strong crowd, as most of the visitors to this island are coming to relax and have a pleasant sunbath. They also love to snorkel and dive to see the coral reefs that this island enjoys.

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