Everyone has a path to happiness. Today we are going to talk about the keys to happiness that will help you for a positive and happy life.Before dealing with the keys to happiness, let us give a brief illustration of happiness.The concept of happiness in psychology is that it is a feeling of pleasure and contentment about your life. A state of complete satisfaction, characterized by stability and durability. So, it is possible to say that happiness is determined by the nature of the individual and ways of dealing with the conditions that surround him and the situations of his daily life that he is going through.

1. What makes you happy?

A dream home, a long-awaited exotic trip, or maybe a new car. It's always good for the mood. But for lasting happiness, we must take another path.If we ask people about what makes them happy, the majority will answer the financial situation followed by family and health, which is surprising since a wealthy patient cannot take advantage of his wealth.

2. The 10 keys to happiness

Reaching happiness is the objective of every one's life; here are the important 10 keys to happiness that will help you reach your objectives.

2.1 Give

Not only giving money. Giving time, energy, ideas….for someone, is something good for them as well as for you. If you want to feel good, do good.

2.2 Forgive and forget

Forgiving yourself and then the others, allows you to live more freely. Being free from guilt, we can live happier, more relaxed without carrying grudges, regrets, guilt, which are so much weight that hinder us.You have experienced negative things that you find it difficult to forgive. Forgiveness does not mean forgetting but acceptance. So, just smile and forgive for your general well-being.

2.3 Gratitude

Know how to thank and express to those and to yourself how grateful you are for the life you have and for all these beautiful things that happen every day. The feeling of gratitude contributes to the well-being of the body and the soul.

2.4 Be active

Taking care of yourself, going out and eating well, all of this is good for our general well-being. Our body and mind are connected, so we don't hesitate to move.

2.5 Follow your dreams

Another key to the various keys to happiness is to be a believer in your dreams. Seeking to face difficulties to achieve them, and always remember that facing difficulties to achieve your dream is much better than one moment of regret.

2.6 Do not compare yourself to others

The comparison is a thief of fun with all the details of your life. So be sure to focus on yourself and know your abilities and skills and do not compare it to the ability of others, so do not tire yourself and waste the sweetness of what you do with comparisons.

2.7 Learn to say no

Do not try to put yourself overwork by committing to works that you know are above what you can afford. It may be difficult in the beginning to say "no," especially to people who you feel that you should always agree with them, but you can do this by explaining the reason why you said no to them, and the next time will be easier.

2.8 Give meaning to your life

Taking part in a project that makes you feel important and having the impression that you can change things, whether, with an organization or a member of your family, it gives a meaning to your life, and it feels good.

2.9 Be optimistic and to choose to be happy

Be always optimistic about life. Be positive with life and accept what you have positively; if you choose to be happy, you will be happy; because happy people don't have the best of everything, instead they choose to make the best of everything.

2.10 Have a purpose in life: “life without purpose is like a body without a soul” Tasneem Hameed.

Knowing what you want in life will change everything. Once you know your priorities and goals, imagine yourself achieving them.

Those were our 10 keys to happiness, so use them to open your door of happiness.

Originally published on Live Positively.