Most of the people take a sense of vision for granted and don't need any specific procedures. Still, there is a lot to do if we want to have healthy eyes and durable vision, and to protect it from any eye diseases. We all know, prevention of our eyes from sicknesses is better than waiting for any vision problems to occur when (in many cases) it is too late.Here we state ten of the most important advises for the eye care

1. Be careful of what you eat

It is proved that the food rich in carotenoids, such as lutein found in vegetables in particular leafy greens like spinach, cabbage, and blackberry fruit, prevent the Macular Degeneration that hit the adults and considered as the first cause of the vision loss or blindness. Studies have also shown that the fat acids Omega 3, found in cold-water fishes, and walnuts reduce the inflammations that occur in retinal vessels. So, in general, a balanced and healthy diet will help to have healthy eyes.The eye also benefits from all fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin A like carrots, even vitamin C like Citrus, and vitamin E (Prawn) and the foods rich in Proteins, such as eggs, beans, and nuts. And we must not forget that over nutrition, a harmful diet, sweets, and full fats will eventually lead to chronic illnesses such as diabetes, which is the most common cause of blindness in adults.

2. Visit the ophthalmologist

Although everyone agrees about the importance of vision and the necessity to take care of the eye, however, most of the people neglect to consult ophthalmologists to see if they don't have any vision problems. It becomes necessary that everyone who is over 40 years to check his eyes to find out some cases without any primary symptoms, such as Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, and the Cataracts, which all lead to low vision and eventually blindness.When we first visit the ophthalmologist, we must provide him with a detailed account of all sicknesses that we have experienced; most of the people don't value the important relationship between the common diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes, and eye diseases. Besides, doctors advise taking every child between the age of 6 and 12 years to check his eyes and detect any sickness which will affect his studies in the future.

3. Protect your eyes from sunlight

As you take care of your skin and protecting it by using some Ultra Violets protective oils and creams, you instead have to take care of your eyes from the dangerous UV light. Therefore, you have to put sunglasses that ensure 100 % protection from Ultra Violets A and B, known as the possible cause of Cataracts and Macular Degeneration. And don't forget that you are obliged to do the same for your children.

4. Stop smoking

Studies proved that smoking increases the possibility of struck Cataracts, optic nerve damage, and the Macular Degeneration. And if you are not a smoker, and to keep your healthy eyes, you have to keep away as far as possible from smoke places (passive smoking).

5. Control the atmosphere of your home and workplace

The industrial air-conditioners blow dry air, especially in winter, so it would be better to bring a handheld atmosphere humidifier that prevents the eyes from dryness. You have to pay attention also from pets that drop their fur on home's furniture that leads to the eye infection (conjunctivitis).

6. Always keep a saline solution at home

The best way to keep healthy eyes and get rid of the pink-eye and irritation is to wash for about 10 minutes with a saline (physiological) solution or get eye drops (bought from the drug store). Still, if this irritation doesn’t stop, it would be better to see an ophthalmologist.

7. Use protective eyewear

For your eye safety, don’t use any drilling machines used for wood or metal without wearing protective glasses, that prevent any flying sprinkles from injuring the eye. If you are injured, you should hurry to the doctor. You also have to wear a special helmet to save your head and eyes if you practice any risky sport.

8. Relax your eyes while working on a computer

It is because of the prolonged staring with the brain concentration (either while reading or using a computer) makes us blinking twice the time than usual, which leads to the eyes’ dryness; therefore, the natural tears are the best self-hydration of the eye. Besides, you can prevent the eye from dryness by taking some rest from staring for 20 seconds every 20 minutes.

9. Protect your eyes from dryness while traveling

The air in the plane is dry and scratching to the eyes, especially while wearing eye lenses, and the best way to prevent the eyes from dryness when traveling is by dripping artificial tears (found in drug stores) in your eyes before boarding.

10. Act wisely with your medical or contact lenses

Be sure of your corrective lenses’ quality (or change it) after your regular visit to the eye doctor, and clean it using a special lenses’ cleaner as much as needed. You may visit a lens specialist to make sure that your lenses are good and no need to change them.And if you are wearing contact lenses, don't take a hot bath (during holidays, for example), because warm waters are treated by chemical components scratching to the eyes. Besides, you have to learn how to take care of your contact lenses ( don't put them in your pocket or in a wet bath where bacteria are reproducing, empty their container from the liquid, then clean and dry it before putting back the lenses in). It is advisable to change the container every two or three months.

Originally published on Live Positively.