In which way the technology of the future will change our life? Day after day, the list of new technologies is rising. Artificial intelligence, Augmented Reality, computers, and machine-to-machine communications help people with a range of different tasks. These technologies are widely defined in their accomplishments and the importance of their ability to transform existing businesses and personal lives. New tech can facilitate people's lives and strengthen their own business.

Technology is becoming much more advanced, and this affects the workplace substantially.

Forecasting the future of technology is for dreamers a wish to innovate and develop new and better tools and for ordinary people who wish to benefit from the new inventions.Actually predicting future trends of technology is incorrect, but it is possible to make some guesses and ideas and try to realize and develop them.How will the world be in the near future? Some futurists have made some predictions about this subject matter, and others find that forecasting is inaccurate. In today's article, we'll have a look at the most popular ideas about the future of technology which are considered as legends.To begin with, Artificial Intelligence that concerns the intelligence displayed by machines in contrast to the intelligence displayed by humans. Those machines perform tasks and actions instead of individuals, and that what makes life more comfortable, especially in the industrial field.

The emergence and advancement of Artificial Intelligence, such as robots and machine learning, is taking the human's place since it is used for space exploration, transportation, health care, and many more sectors. In particular, the industrial sector, where machines are improving accuracy, productivity, and efficiency.Artificial intelligence has been used in different practices in order to ease collecting and organizing big data for essential perception.

This big data defined as the software used to analyze, process, and extract information from an extensive data set in which traditional data could not deal with.Despite that technology is boosting productivity, it is also reducing the number of employees and workplaces, especially in the manufacturing, agriculture, forestry, and fishing sectors.Secondly, when we talk about the near future trends of technologies, we have to talk aboutAugmented reality, which is a transversal domain that utilizes various technologies, the term 'augmented reality' that appeared in reference to 'virtual reality’ may be misleading. It is quite understandable since it’s not the ‘reality’ which is augmented but our own perception.The augmented reality could be considered as a surface between the digital data that we will abusively qualify as 'virtual,' and the real world. It is, therefore, different from the

virtual reality. In other words, it must have the three characteristics

Combine the real world and the digital data in a real-timeBe interactive in real-time with the user and the real worldUse an environment in 3DThese three points are more or less respected by the applications that are qualified as ‘augmented reality.'In the automobile sector, the Japanese developers hope that there will be flying taxis in the near future, they intend to create cars that will land and take off vertically, and their estimated speed is 125 mph. This invention is attempting to reduce traffic in big cities.

The 5G data network

The fifth generation of mobile internet access will provide us with super-fast download and upload speeds and more secure connections. Although 5G mobile data networks first became available in 2019, they were still mostly expensive and limited to operating in confined areas or major cities. In the near future, that is, 2020 is expected to be the year in which 5G starts running, with more accessible data, which means everyone can join in the fun.Here we come to the end, in which we have talked about the future of technologies in general and the most trending technologies that are emerging.

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