The concept of communication technology, also known as information technology, refers to all equipment and programs used in information processing. Where specialists develop, install, and service hardware and software. Those who enter this field develop concepts, production, evaluation, and distribution of communications technology devices. Communication technology is, therefore, mainly concerned about computers, Internet, radio and television.

People nowadays are becoming more and more dependent on communication technology and technology in general. Let’s discover together more about communication technology in people’s life.

1. Benefits of communications technology

- Reducing costs

The consumer who uses communication technology incurs fewer costs compared to communication costs through other means such as the delivery of messages via mail, for example. With the ongoing development process and permanent work to raise the efficiency of communication networks, their cost remains low, in addition to high efficiency, and avoiding errors in communicating messages. Besides, urgent messages that may not be possible to postpone and wait have been achieved by communications technology.

- Data documentation

Communications technology helped to make the task of documenting and archiving data an easy, simple, and time-consuming process. Archiving operations can be completed in a coordinated manner in the form of documents that are saved and returned to them when needed by resorting to modern technical means such as databases and e-mail.

- Other benefits

Technology users can create conversations with their friends and acquaintances from different regions of the world via video via cameras that are activated in technological communication applications, which has contributed to increasing convergence between people separated and expatriate.

Purchasing products and desired goods are marketed through technological means of communication around the world at any time through the special account on social media, which constituted a qualitative leap for merchants to market their products and goods and offer them to reach the largest number of consumers.

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2. Impact of communication technology on people’s life

Communication technology has affected all aspects of social, cultural, scientific, economic, and military life, as well as many others. Communication technology is only a revolution that transformed all fields of the life we live in, and it had a great impact on changing our lives for the better and making our affairs go faster.

2.1 Social level

The communication technology at the social level has led to the creation of a new type of society. Called with different names, including; the smart community, or the virtual community. Communication technology governs convergence and interaction in this society, the rapid way of information dissemination, and the interaction of multimedia. However, in the past social interactions were governed by political, geographic, and economic factors.

2.2 Cultural level

Modern communication technologies have led to unprecedented opportunities for cultural exchange between individuals and societies in different parts of the world. The most important of these technologies are influencing satellite TV transmission, and other means, such as e-mail, communication networks, big databases, and cellular phone networks.

2.3 Economic level

With the information revolution and communication technology. The developed world has entered the stage of the digital economy that depends on the flow of information and data, in the interest of commercial transactions and the completion of business via the Internet, and the term e-government has become a common expression in many countries of the world, as it is a sign to facilitate transactions and speed in their completion, shorten effort and time, and an indication of skill at work.

2.4 Educational field

Communication technology in the educational field helps to solve the problem of crowded classrooms with students. Through the emergence of distance education and e-learning that allows the student to receive his education from anywhere without going to school.

Communication technology, in particular, the Internet, allows the student to get a diversity of information through the Internet. By using modern techniques such as; videos facilitate learning and make it funnier than using books; in addition, it improves the students' practical performance.

Those were the important fields in which communication technology has a significant impact.

The advantages and disadvantages of modern means of communication