1. The concept of modern means of communication

Modern means of communication are the tools or devices that transmit information between people. Throughout the ages, humans have invented many means of communication, starting from sending signals through the smoke to the phone and e-mail, and the invention of the telegraph in 1831 made a jump in the world of communication, which It led to the development of the mechanism of interaction between humans, and at the present time digital means of communication have become the most common means of communication, and the importance of modern means of communication lies in several axes, the most important of which are; the ability to access websites through the internet connection, and the connection to networks that enable people to transfer and exchange information, it also has an important role in the industrial field; as modern manufacturing machines receive information and data that they control and their mechanism of work through modern means of communication, it is noteworthy that modern means of communication are subject to continuous development.

2. Modern means of communication

There are many modern means of communication that allow the possibility of communication between individuals quickly and easily, and among these means the following:

2.1 The Internet

It is a network through which individuals transfer data and information. Using the internet, you can conduct financial services, shop from within the home, send e-mail, exchange files, conduct audio, and video conferences remotely, use social networking sites, and a lot of things available. The internet is now used everywhere in the world.

2.2 Private messages on social media

Social media provides a private messaging service between people that is less formal than e-mail, and it can also be a means of communication between customers and service providers to answer the Customer inquiries and questions.

2.3 The mobile phone

The mobile phone is a small device that people use to communicate with each other from long distances. It is one of the most important modern communication technologies that are constantly developing without stopping. The mobile phone has become more than just a means of voice communication. The advanced forms of the mobile phone can have access to many modern technical matters, such as using the camera, the radio, voice and call recording programs, and other modern technological matters.

  • Smartphones:

Smartphones are considered one of the most widely used and fastest communication devices. They have become an essential part of the lives of millions of people around the world, and among the most prominent features of smartphones are:Voice and video calls, text messages. The ability to keep photos, health, financial, and much more information in one place. Allow people to follow their business from a distance.

2.4 Blogging

Blogs are personal platforms accessible to all, through which one can spread knowledge, information, news, and a lot of other information. One of its most important features is that most of them contain a special section for visitor comments, which enables the blogger to interact with people who share his interests.

2.5 Satellites

Satellites used to broadcast television channels that transmit matches and programs to all parts of the world.

2.6 Radars

Radars are frequently used by the armed forces to receive information about enemies. They are also used to obtain information related to the locations of enemy aircraft, and they are also useful for air traffic control and communication with aircraft at airports.Related: Technology advancement and its importance in our life

3. Advantages of modern means of communication

There are many advantages of modern means of communication, including:Transmission speed: Messages can be sent or received within a few seconds.Expansion of coverage areas: the process of communication covered all parts of the world so that the world has become a small village.Low cost: The use of modern methods significantly reduces the effort, cost, and time.Benefit from others: ideas and notes' exchange and an immediate reaction are obtained on a specific topic.Manage business operations around the world: Businessmen can easily control their business activities with the help of video conferencing and e-mail technologies.

4. Disadvantages of modern means of communication

Many negatives are resulting from the use of modern means of communication, including:- It affects building relationships, due to the reduction of a direct meeting between people, and the reduction of dependence on actual telephone communication. Modern means of communication give ease in the written communication process, and people build better relationships when they interact with each other face to face.- Modern means of communication are insecure because the information is centrally in one database. It is likely to be exposed to tampering from corrupt people, and pirates or viruses can also attack it.- Modern means of communication is harmful to health, especially as they use low-frequency signaling technology, which may cause fatigue and sleep problems, so they should be used in moderation.

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