Green apple is undoubtedly one of the most common foods associated with a healthy lifestyle, as some take it as a symbol of fitness, energy, and beauty, but by talking about weight loss, in particular, green apple may also be one of the first foods that come to mind, so what are the benefits of green apples for slimming and losing weight? This is what we will discuss today.

1. Benefits of green apples for diet and losing weight

Green apple offers many benefits in slimming and dieting, so it is advised to eat it regularly for the following reasons:

1.1 Healthy weight loss

Scientific studies have been able to establish the influence of apples on blood sugar levels. By their satiating power, apples limit cravings. If the green apple diet appeals to you, do not hesitate: this fruit is healthy and beneficial for health. Not just for our arteries.

1.2 Gradually lose weight

Anyone can follow the green apple diet, provided they love this fruit. But if you hope to lose weight in a short time, you will be disappointed: the apple makes you lose a few small pounds very gradually.

The advantage: you control your appetite and greatly reduce your cravings. Attention, we will add to this good habit a few hours of sport per week, something essential for those who wish to reshape their silhouette.

1.3 Reducing cholesterol in the blood

It reduces cholesterol in the blood, in addition to the percentage of accumulated fat in the body by 20%, as it speeds up the process of burning fat so that the body gets rid of it quickly, in addition to that it protects from strokes and heart attacks.

1.4 Controls the amount of insulin in the blood

Green apple controls the amount of insulin in the blood that is secreted by the pancreas, and thus lowers the blood sugar, as the high sugar in the blood is converted into fats and accumulated fats in different areas of the body. So, eating a green apple helps in a large percentage to prevent the accumulation of sugars in the body; besides, it will be an ideal food for people suffering from diabetes.

1.5 Rich in dietary fiber

Green apple contains a large percentage of dietary fiber in comparison with other foods. The green apple shell is rich in pectin, which promotes digestion in the stomach and thus facilitates the exit of food from the intestine and gets rid of many problems related to slow digestion, the most important of which is flatulence, in addition to all this, the green apple contains a large amount of water, which promotes a feeling of satiety and fullness for a long period of time without eating additional amounts of food, thus reducing weight.

1.6 Promotes the body's metabolism, thereby burning a large amount of calories.

1.7 Green apple supplies the body with a large amount of energy, so the body becomes more active, resulting in more movement and weight loss and burning fat.

2. Green apple diet program

Green apple can be included as a diet and weight loss regimen as follows:

Day 1:

Eat 1.5 kg of green apple divided into three meals throughout the day.

Day 2:

Breakfast: green apple, lunch: one green apple + two skimmed cheese pieces + green appel salad with lemon without oil, dinner: green apple.

Day 3:

Breakfast: a slice of wheat bread + one slice of turkey + one green apple, lunch: one green apple +two carrots + green salad, dinner: one green apple.

Day 4:

Breakfast: one slice of wheat bread + slice of turkey + one green apple, lunch: 200 g tuna without oil + salad with boiled vegetables and lemon, dinner: one green apple + a cup of skim milk + A bunch of corn flakes.

Day 5:

Breakfast: one slice of wheat bread + one hard-boiled egg + one green apple, lunch: 200 g skinless chicken or roast beef + green salad + one green apple, dinner: any dinner from the meals above mentioned.