In a world where technology is invading very quickly, it has become impossible to find a child who does not use smartphones, computers, and iPads. The child does not find any difficulty to touch screens or press the buttons contained in these modern technological devices. Thus, technology has become an integral part of the daily life of any child, and this raises many questions and differing opinions about the impact of technology on children, and whether they have threats to the child's development and life later.If we want to talk about the impact of technology on children, the matter will have two dimensions: the positive and the negative, and this will be as follows:

1. Positive effects of technology on children

One of the positive effects of technology on children we mention the following:

  • Employing technology in learning and studying: as technology provides the student with the equivalent of a private teacher at home, as he can review through the Internet all the lessons and ask about all the questions that eluded him.
  • Fill in free time: as the child can fill his spare time with useful games and puzzles that increase his awareness and cultural awareness.
  • Development of the child's social skills: Through modern technology and devices, the child acquires the skills necessary to develop social relationships. If the use of these devices is correct, the child can communicate with his friends and relatives through communication programs such as Skype.
  • Development of the child's skills: Modern technological devices help in developing the skills of the child significantly. It helps him to develop his talents or support him with the necessary information and expand reading about areas he cares about and which certainly expand his awareness and acquire cultures and information in various fields.

Despite these positive effects of technology on children, there are also clear negative effects. Technology at a young age may have more negative effects than positive effects, especially if children are left without any control, and these negative effects include the following:

2. Negative effects of technology on children

2.1 Autism and isolation: Technology pushes the child to autism and isolation from his family and friends and involves him in a virtual electronic world, so you find that he spends hours in front of the TV or iPad screen to either watch movies or play games. Besides, the child prefers to spend most of his time with electronic devices instead of spending his time with his family.2.2 The effect on the body: the child is in the stage of growth and formation of the body if he used to sit in front of the TV for long hours, this would affect his hearing and sight, and sitting on the computer in hours causes bowing of the back and neck, as well as the matter with the mobile. All this has a negative impact on the focus as well.2.3 Inappropriate content: Through technological devices and the Internet. The child may be exposed to inappropriate content for his age, as it is an open world with no limits or conditions. Especially for children's games and websites that may display ads that contain images that are against literature or terrifying images which are not appropriate for the age of the child.2.4 Violence acquisition: The child may acquire violence as a result of watching some films that present scenes of violence in one way or another, or through games that involve wars or killings, and the child is usually affected by what he watches, and even tries to practice it in real life.


Whatever the positive effects and benefits that have technology on children. It is up to the parents to spare the children in the early stages of life, and let them acquire experiences and reactions from the surrounding world without any confusion.

Originally published on Live Positively.