Each woman has her particularities. Whether it is her personality, tastes, or dreams, there is authenticity and originality in each one. That's why even in sports, women's preferences and performance vary.

For you who find it difficult to embark on an exciting sporting activity, now know which sport suits you according to your intrinsic nature.

These sports sheath tone and muscle the body without deforming or brutalizing it. By being diligent, you will obtain a harmonious, feminine, sexy body and, above all, in better health!

1. Swimming

A complete sport that works different muscle groups by varying the strokes. It solicits the cardio and the whole body. Be careful, however, not to swim only the breaststroke with the head out of the water ("granny style") because this position accentuates the arch in the lower back and compacts the cervical muscles.

2. Bodybuilding to sculpt

Who said bodybuilding was just for men? Just take a look on social networks or simply on the Internet to see that women are also getting into bodybuilding. Indeed, this sport is excellent when one seeks to refine and slightly sculpt his body.

Moreover, proof that "female bodybuilding" is fashionable, muscle-building programs are multiplying on the web. Thus, with bodybuilding or muscle strengthening, you will work primarily on the firmness of your body and mainly the abs, thighs, buttocks, and arms.

3. Pilates

This sport is generally done only with the body's weight or small cool accessories (like the swiss ball). These disciplines vary in intensity and combine relaxation and muscle strengthening. Emphasis is placed on the harmonization of the musculature, with particular attention to the "center," i.e., the abdominals and the pelvic floor. Not big muscles, but a sculpted and slender body.

4. Zumba

When you are looking to lose weight or simply to refine your figure, it is important to practice a sport called cardio, that is to say, a sport that will put you out of breath. When we talk about cardio sport, many of you immediately think of the treadmill or simply running, but this is only one cardio sport among many others. Among these others is the famous Zumba!

Zumba, we no longer present it to you, is a fitness sport during which you wiggle, jump, turn, and do not stop moving for an hour. An hour is a long time, but when you Zumba, it goes by at lightning speed, to the point where you want more (this is less the case with our body, on the other hand). This sport allows you to work the entire abdominal belt but also the glutes, calves, arms, shoulders, and back! Very dynamic, a one-hour Zumba session burns more than around 500 calories, and you come out of the room totally drained but so, so "good."

This sport is accessible to everyone and proves to be a good solution to reduce love wrists and have a slimmer waist.

5. Dancing

Salsa, classical dance, jazz, and many more, the dances are multiple, and everyone can find his style. Whether you like the rigor of classical dance or the sensuality of salsa, dancing works the whole body in a harmonious way. Latin and oriental dances work well on the abdominals because it is the obliques that will help you move your booty Shakira style. The classical dance will strengthen your posture, flexibility and you will gain a proud head posture.

6. Yoga

This is the new fashionable sport in recent years. However, being adopted by many stars can frighten some by its "contortionist" side that we tend to lend to it. Associated with techniques of controlled breathing, yoga acts on the body, and the spirit incites you to feel. The exercises work in-depth on the organism. There are several kinds of yoga; some are more meditative, others very invigorating.

7. Aquabiking

Aquabiking consists of pedaling in water, and it is certainly the best weapon against cellulite! Indeed, aquabiking is... 16 hydromassage jets that massage your thighs, buttocks, and calves while you pedal actively in a kind of jacuzzi. Thus, this sport generally combines two programs; one which is responsible for refining the waist and the other for strengthening your legs!

An aquabiking session generally lasts 30 to 45 minutes, during which you burn between 300 and 500 calories. Don't you think that's "a lot"? Tell yourself that in an aquabiking session, you expend 12 times more energy than during a traditional bike ride.

8. Aquagym

A gentle disciple for the joints, but also good for the perineum. It is an excellent sport that combines cardio and muscle building. Excellent for burning calories, it allows you to relax at the same time.

9. Electrostimulation

You've never heard of it? This is completely normal, don't worry, since it is one of the latest "sports" in fashion. The "athlete" puts on a suit equipped with electrodes and connected to a simple touch screen? This will diffuse pre-programmed electrical impulses, which will contract specific muscles according to the fixed work objective. A session lasts an average of 20 minutes and would be equivalent to 4 hours of traditional sport. At the rate of two sessions per week for a month, the body emerges more toned, the muscles strengthened, and the pain relieved.

10. Thai boxing

Long reserved for men who "beat themselves," the Thai box is gaining more and more followers among the fairer sex who seeks to let off steam and refine their silhouette. This is the perfect sport to let off steam clear your head while sculpting a dream body. Few sports can make you this promise...

Indeed, apart from its psychological benefits (it seems that hitting someone, it lets off steam), Thai boxing has many advantages on the body: it works all the muscles by putting the body in constant motion. Biceps, triceps, abdominals, legs, buttocks, there is no jealousy, everything goes! Moreover, by choosing to practice Thai boxing, you will have beautiful muscular arms, curved buttocks, a firm body, and a slim waist. Finally, if you want to lose a few pounds, Thai boxing will undoubtedly help you eliminate them because intensive training pushes the body to tap into fat reserves.