After a year of ups and downs in 2021, still because of the pandemic, 2022 will be the year of reunion! A reunion with salons, institutes, and our favorite pleasure treatments, of course, but also with our deepest "me." Let's discover, together, the major beauty trends that will dominate this year.

1. Beauty trend 2022: crystal eye makeup

Jewels and pearls for evening makeup will be in the spotlight in 2022. Inspirations for crystal eye makeup are, in fact, particularly sought after on the Pinterest social network. This makeup trend (which has already been spotted on many major catwalks) is ideal for creating glamorous eye makeup easily. The rhinestones and other sparkles arranged around the eyes and/or on the top of the cheekbones offer light and sophistication to any make-up.

To achieve crystal eye makeup, nothing could be simpler. Simply apply, using a glitter glue specially adapted for this effect, the jewels and/or pearls all around the eyes or on the top of the cheekbones. Get red carpet makeup done in just minutes.

The trend of Pearl Nails or rhinestone pedicure will also be in vogue for this year 2022. The idea? Magnify your nails with jewelry and/or delicate pearly beads.

2. Beauty trend 2022: neon eyelids

Neon eyeshadow adds a punchy touch to any outfit. Keep the rest of the makeup sober, or accompany them with another key trend of the year; the pigmented blush.

3. Beauty trend 2022: graphic eyeliner

Eyeliner keeps reinventing itself. This year again, we find the graphic version that imitates the cat's eye. So, fine line or bold, have fun revamping the art of eye pencil.

4. Beauty trend 2022; double eyeliner

We see double in 2022! Just like Dua Lipa, mix two colors of eyeliner for the most impressive cat-eye.

Dare to use vibrant colors, as seen on the singer, or play the card of sobriety and mix black and gold eyeliner, for example.

5. Beauty trend 2022: maximum color for minimum skin

If you're feeling a slight makeup boost, you're not alone. In 2020 and 2021, we were caught between two extremes; we went from very heavy makeup on the eyes with metallic colors and glitter (thanks to the masks) to a return to our favorite lipsticks. In 2022 we'll find ourselves somewhere in the middle, with our love of color still reigning supreme but with a greater laissez-faire approach to the complexion. We want endless liner lines, a delicious mouthfeel, and a crazy glow.

6. Beauty trend: makeup no makeup

The beginning of the new year will give way to simple makeup with light fluid foundations and eye shadows and lipsticks in a more natural tones for everyday life. Bet on beige, earth, peach tones

7. Beauty trend 2022: darker lip contour

A holdover from the 90s, the darker lip liner isn't going anywhere. After a timid comeback in 2021, the trend is definitely winning over everyone… or almost!

For a more subtle effect, choose a liner one shade darker than your nude lipstick.

8. Beauty trend 2022; the blush

There is something to blush with this trend! The blush, in 2022, we want it well pigmented, like after a day spent in the cold outdoors. Even pair it with a wine-colored pout and a cat-eye for a vamp effect.

9. Beauty trend 2022: nail art

Nail art will still be very fashionable for this year 2022. Galaxy nail art (i.e., a manicure representing a night of stars), checkerboard nails, or even desert nails (characterized by discreet cactus patterns, perfect for the summer season).

So, if you are a fan of original manicures, do not hesitate to adorn your nails with unique colors and designs for this new year.

10. Beauty trend: checkered nails

Another manicure trend for 2022? Checkered nails. They can be worn in black and white for a classic look or in a multicolored version to display a more festive manicure.

11. Beauty trend 2022: the rhinestone pedicure

Brilliants and other rhinestones will also be real allies to magnify our pedicures during this year 2022.

12. Beauty trend 2022: natural hair

Salon closures, long waits for months to get an appointment, and at-home dyeing disasters have left people forced to opt for the lowest-maintenance color options. Or in the urge to go wild and drastically change their hair, which means hair color trends in 2022 are all about getting back to natural.

For those who want to stay natural, reverse balayage (also called shadow roots or root blending) will be the best way to reduce salon visits while keeping color fresh. This technique, which involves painting darker roots and gradually blending them into lighter lengths and ends, is perfect for blondes looking to go brown or add more depth to their style.

13. Beauty trend 2022: the mullet cut

The mullet cut will again sign its big comeback for this year 2022. It is the ideal cut to display a rock look on a daily basis (without spending two hours in your bathroom).

14. Beauty trend 2022: the perfect blow-dry

After all these months in confinement, we have only one desire; to take care of our hair! The perfect brushings, inspired by the 90s, are therefore back.

Arm yourself with a hairdryer brush, a new trend in the heat tool department, to give yourself a head straight out of Clueless.

15. Beauty trend 2022: natural short haircuts

Ode to the natural for this year 2022 with sublime short wavy and curly haircuts.

16. Beauty trend 2022: natural buns

In the high or low version, the natural bun (i.e., the elegant tie par excellence) will still be very fashionable for this year 2022.