We all know that we have to drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day to keep the body functioning properly. What few of us would suspect is that drinking hot water is even more beneficial for our health; therefore, it is recommended to drink hot water daily, especially on an empty stomach and before bed. However, drinking hot water may not taste good and is not liked by many people, but, this should not be a reason to deny the various benefits of drinking hot water to the body.Do not miss the 10 good reasons of drinking hot water on an empty stomach. It’s a healthy habit that we invite you to try for at least a fortnight!

1. Benefits of drinking hot water

1.1 Detoxification of the organism

The toxins ingested through food can accumulate and cause many illnesses. Not to mention that they also promote premature aging. Drinking hot water on an empty stomach will help to eliminate toxins embedded in the subtle channels and the digestive tract. You can add lemon juice to it to enhance its effects.

1.2 Aids digestion

Drinking hot water stimulates the digestive tract, and as the water moves through the stomach and intestines, the digestive system is better hydrated and able to get rid of wastes. Hot water can also dissolve and dissipate what you eat and which may cause you bloating and indigestion.

1.3 Prevent constipation

Since drinking hot water enhances digestion and promotes bowel movement, it will definitely have an effective role in preventing or treating constipation and helps in flushing out gases and eliminating the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.Constipation is usually associated with dehydration and not drinking enough water. We may advise you to add anise to your lukewarm water, as it will enhance this property and aid in treatment.

1.4 Help with weight loss

Drinking hot water stimulates the body's metabolism and helps burning fat better.The hot water helps to shrink the intestine and get rid of the waste that causes the body to swell, and thus free the body of the retained fluid that leads to its fullness.

1.5 Stimulation of blood circulation

Water and heat relax the vessels and muscles, providing a better passage for the blood flow that carries oxygen to cells and toxins outside the body through the stool, urine, and sweat. A good circulatory system is essential to stay healthy. This will prevent many circulation problems, including high blood pressure, muscle cramps, varicose veins, cardiovascular disease, hemorrhoids, etc.

1.6 Treat cold faster

Drinking hot water helps to thin the excess mucus from the nose and throat. Drinking hot water also helps decongest the nose and relieve a sore throat.So do not miss the benefits of hot water and enjoy unlimited teas and infusions. Be careful not to boil your water so as not to burn your esophagus. The ideal temperature is 60 ° C: heat your water and wait a bit for your drink to cool before consuming it and enjoying its effects.

1.7 Calm the central nervous system

Drinking hot water can help to calm the central nervous system and soften the body, reducing pain and soreness. For example, drinking hot water helps to relieve the feeling of arthritis, as it calms the central nervous system.

1.8 Maintaining skin vitality

Another benefit of drinking hot water is to help with early signs of aging, such as wrinkles, marks, and lines.In addition to reducing the chances of dry skin and eliminating dark spots, and help to remove clogging of the skin.

1.9 Pain relief

Menstrual pain, stomach discomfort, headache, and abdominal cramps are a group of unpleasant symptoms that a cup of hot water may calm down. Hot water is known as:A soothing for abdominal muscle spasms.It helps relieve muscle spasms.Drinking hot water also contributes to a better flow of blood and helps the muscles to relax.

1.10 Improves the health of the urinary tract

Drinking hot water will fight urinary tract infections and improve kidney health. There is nothing better than beginning the day with a cup of hot water on an empty stomach after going to the bathroom.During the night, we tend to retain a large amount of urine. As a result, toxins and bacteria can stay in the bladder.After using the toilet, drink a cup of warm water to protect the health of your bladder.This will effectively cleanse the entire urinary tract and facilitate the diuretic effect.

2. The best times of drinking hot water

It is advised to drink hot water at these times to become more beneficial,- On an empty stomach immediately after waking up: Instead of drinking coffee on an empty stomach, to get its benefits throughout the day.- Immediately before sleeping: It is also advised to have a hot cup before going to bed to help you feel relaxed and comfortable.- After exercise: to help replenish and moisturize vitamins and minerals in the body.

3. Tips and warnings of drinking hot water

Hot water has many benefits when used correctly, but it is not a magic treatment, you should pay attention and be careful about some things to get its benefits without harming health.Learn the most important tips and warnings about drinking hot water:- Don’t drink very hot water: Drinking very hot water can damage tissue in the esophagus, burn taste buds, and burn the tongue.- Adding lemon juice to the water: to add a better taste and to become a healthy drink that helps getting rid of toxins in the body and to help all the organs to perform better.- Drinking a glass of water in stages: to allow the body to accept this heat, as drinking it once can lead to nausea.

4. The harms of drinking hot water on an empty stomach

The International Agency for Research on Cancer indicates that very hot drinks with a temperature of more than 65 ° C may be carcinogenic. This has been linked to an increased risk of esophageal cancer. So, it is advised to drink warm water instead of very hot water. It can burn the lining of the mouth and the esophagus, and it is advised not to drink water from the tap as it may contain parasites, which can endanger health.

Originally published on Live Positively.