1. The origins of technology

The reproductive organism that is the modern-day technology advantage is the sole reason why humanity survived this long on the planet. It distinguishes humankind from other species, and it was a part of the civilization process even back in the early days of humanity. The thing that sparked change; that sparked the development and the forward-thinking in technology is the nature of technology itself. It is still a debatable topic, whether further developing technology is the best option for humanity. Still, the ones that do think so argue that it worked before, and there is no reason why it should not work again. One thing that is clear is that technology did change the world for the better when used correctly. The idea to bear into the perception is that while technology may be an essential augmentation driver in every field known to humankind, it is equally as motivating for harmful intentions. The new technology advantages vary from subtle like personal discomforts to major leaps that took us even off this world.

2.Technology now and then

2.1 Healthcare

It is an undeniable fact that technology helped develop both the scientific research devoted to medicine and healthcare capabilities. As a species, our knowledge of human anatomy grew larger and larger over the years and knowing the nature of illnesses became more simplified. Back in the 16th Century, any fever patients were hopeless cases with fatal diseases. The infamous plague took more lives than the church was ready to admit. Science and technology then developed serums and vaccines to suppress the pain as well as control the blood circulation. The history behind the making of such medicines harkens back to the early days of the industrial revolution, albeit the methods were unusual and quirky to the time with a touch of experimenting behind their philosophy. But the pure invention of heat detectors was a breakthrough in the medicinal world, and it is the same for other devices and discoveries such as MRI scanners and surgery tools that came later on. What is particularly noteworthy is that technology is in the center of this life-saving development. However, it carried on to other significant fields.

2.2 Art

Art today is much easier to express and share as opposed to what the artists of old times had to go through to express their artistic vision. In early times, the artist did not have the means to express themselves fully. Whether it be music, illustration, or wordsmithing, the artists were not known to the public, and the ones that did make it enough to have an audience were under a massive creative hindrance. But since the internet became a global phenomenon, it opened new and improved ways of communicating to masses or audiences depending on the genre, and the habit of frequently releasing ideas made the public react and respond to the works.

2.3 Transportation

Since the dawn of time, transportation was and will be a significant source of influence of human lives. It is the foundation upon which sits entire economies as well as controlling other fields. And technology plays a vital role in the development of transportation methods, and traveling is one of the luxuries offered by technology. From this alone, we can establish an evident bond between the two fields across time. The fact that the means by which we travel every day evolved from on foot to wooden carriages to vehicles that are highly offensive to the planet’s health to the echo age of transportation. It is no secret that the exploration of the world and all the wonders it has to offer is one of the modern advantages of technology.Related: Computer Science VS Computer Engineering

3. future advantages

It is right to state that technology did cause its fair share of problems as it may have solved. But, it is equally appropriate to say that it solved those problems gradually or reducing them to a certain extent. To understand this new anomaly, an example is a demand. The environment is the term used to describe the beating heart of our planet. Green activists often use the argument that the growth of technology is the only reason for the disturbance in the climate. Still, they tend to neglect that that same technology is coming up with solutions for this problem in the long and short term. And those advantages extend to other branches such as connectivity, crime rates, communication, space exploration, and more distinct things.

4. Improving technology

The only method of action that can move humanity forward toward a brighter future is to assess the mistakes done in the past and to learn from them so that they remain in the past. And one of these mistakes is depending on one field to elevate the existence of humanity, specifically if it comes to science and technology. There happened to be a time where civilization relied wholly on the opinion of the religion and followed it blindly, giving it full control over the state and everyone’s lives. The result was total suppression and anarchy within that suppressed state because of the incapability to maintain the balance between what was allowed and what was not. Ultimately science and technology were not welcome, and progress grew harder to establish. This may not be the case with technology, but the human race is certainly riding the wave that technology is flowing through. To fully capitalize on the advantages that it has to give, it must be put under moderation first.

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