One of the most important qualities to learn in our modern age is to be technology savvy. The process of going about a typical day is far more natural when technology is involved, and the hours spent on some of the daily chores can now be done in minutes.

Technology Savvy definition

To be technologically savvy is a social and lifestyle concept related to minimalism, or the art of doing things for less. The main idea behind this concept has fewer things to worry about, thus partaking in the adventure that is life with a healthier mind and body. This mindset is supported by the person when they use technology in favor of their own peace of mind. And while there exists a common misconception between the public around the definition of being Tech-savvy, whereby it is defined as the ability to understand and to keep up with the updates of the newest piece of hardware or software. That definition is not entirely true, even though a technology savvy person has to have those qualities, they also ought to use and share their knowledge of this technology in the pursuit of a more productive and healthy way of living. In short, tech-savvy is a person who fully grasps the utility of modern technology and utilizes it to make his life better.

Different ways of being a tech savvy

Most of the time, it is the younger generation that utilizes technology to the fullest—partly because of its outage during their period of interest, making it more accessible and more directed towards their style of choice. But mostly because in today's world, it is a worldwide trend to be up to date with all the new editions and nuances of hot tech. And while there are absolutely people that are elderly that do use technology, it is usually a limited bunch, and their use of the technology is just as limited due to their lack of interest that results in a lack of understanding capabilities. This use of technology varies from one person to another:

2.1 work purposes

Plenty of people use the technology they have to build and expand their business. Whether in an offline environment with various tools and kits developed by science or having a business set entirely online like so many prominent corporate figures of our modern age like Google, Amazon, Craigslist, and so on. These businesses are now participants in the technology world and technology savvy corporate entities, with the sole reason of their success being that they cadre towards the tech-savvy audience that wants to perform their everyday objectives in a swift and efficient manner without having to worry about issues like saving or making a backup because it automatically does that. It gives them the means, products and provides the services they need for their productive life. Many examples exist in the daily life of tech-savvy, making calls or sending emails with speech and voice recognizing AI, handling business deals on software apps, memorizing the daily and weekly appointments, and important events in a safe cloud service provided on a handheld smartphone. It all happens intuitively and with no delay but the one caused by the user himself.

2.2 personal life

The more technology expands and develops, the more it becomes a vital part of our everyday life. Using a smartphone for watching videos on favorite topics may not be technology savvy-behavior, but ordering meals and browsing videos on how to manage the technicalities of life definitely is. Going to forum site to ask about the different problems a productive person encounters in life, listing ideas thoughts and chores on independent devices and software, managing financial and purchasing necessities from first-party trusted assets and websites. It all falls under the bubble of technologically savvy.Related: Technology advancement and its importance in our life

3. The perks of being a tech savvy

The people that are invested in the technology of the future will attest to the fact that being a tech-savvy is a very convenient life choice. Contrary to popular belief, one does not need to be a programmer or a tech engineer to be tech-savvy, and it is much more comfortable, now more than ever, to get into the world of tech thanks to the simplicity of modern hardware and software. In another world, the minimalistic nature of the concept brings simplicity with it, and that makes it accessible t those who are willing enough to learn. And the connectivity and intuitiveness that the new line of technology offers makes the news and catching up with the trends of the world at the tip of the user's fingers or ears if they so choose. Browsing and reading books and articles, reviewing and ordering various products, finding much-needed pieces of information, it is quicker and smoother to navigate in every way, and the new world that we live in today requires its population to be technology savvy to a certain extent in order to live peacefully and reduce the stress of having to fight against this wave of evolution. It even allows those who yearn the old times to recall them thanks to the backward compatibility of today's technological products.

4. The downside of being a tech savvy

The premise of this element of the article will be based on speculations and theorizing rather than absolute truth because, until now, and studies have shown no common negative side-effect of technology-savvy life. However, it does go without saying that anything that becomes viral has its negative side. In the case of this topic, it might be the fact that science is pushing technology so far and extremely fast, that the next generation of smart devices and software might end up replacing more and more of daily human activity. That may lead the world to a new generation of unwilling and uninterested humans that are too attached to technology. And while some people do believe this is happening now, the swift augment of this phenomenon only confirms such speculations.

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