Developed in 2008 by Florie Ravinet, surrounded by a team of physiotherapists, osteopaths, and psychomotor therapists, FLY YOGA is more than aerial yoga. First integrative therapeutic technique in Europe with more than 10 years of expertise. A subtle alliance between traditional yoga (Hatha Yoga and Iyengar yoga), Pilates, and circus arts. This complete well-being technique combines relaxation postures, muscle strengthening, breathing exercises, emotional and energy work.

Fly yoga: what is it?

Aerial yoga or fly yoga arrived in Europe in 2009. It is practiced in a hammock and mixes several disciplines such as dance, pilates, yoga, and acrobatic gymnastics.

Hanging from the hammock, you will be able to connect to your body by practicing relaxation, meditation, and stretching. It is, therefore, a gentle yoga that works all the muscles without traumatizing the body.

Locked in your cocoon, you will be able to completely relax, and you will come out relaxed from the session.

A very complete sports activity

First of all, you need to know that this type of yoga is simply practiced in the air. The idea is very simple; do yoga but in weightlessness. This sporting activity is therefore enjoyable and very original. All parts of the body can be worked.

You are doing classic Yoga but at altitude suspended from a hammock hanging from the ceiling. The postures are performed gently, not only your body works but also your mind. This discipline is also very artistic.

Be aware that the hammock used must be solid and well attached. The fabric used is resistant and very flexible for maximum comfort. You will have to learn to let go and let yourself be carried by the hammock with confidence.

What is the principle?

If aerial yoga has different names, the principle is the same; train in a hammock by alternating a few movements with support on the ground and aerial postures. A work in suspension that stretches the body and the spine as a whole and strengthens the muscles in depth. The key is suppleness, tone, and relaxation, all without impact. The hammock is an additional support that allows us to access inversions to make them accessible to as many people as possible. However, it also creates instability, much like you would have with a Swiss Ball for deep muscle work. Some classes focus more or less on strengthening and inversions, while others like Prenatal Fly Yoga, intended for pregnant women, are more gentle.

Fly yoga; for whom?

Fly yoga is obviously accessible to everyone. This practice is particularly recommended for people suffering from joint problems, for example, or back problems. Being in suspension frees the body; a lightness sets in and allows you to perform postures more easily than on the ground.

This discipline being developed in collaboration with physiotherapists, it is easy to find alternatives for all postures that can cause problems for some people.

Aerial yoga is an activity accessible to children from the age of 3; you can share this moment with your children during parent/child lessons. It will allow them to practice a fun physical activity and learn to discover their bodies while relaxing.

The course of a session

The session begins with meditation and relaxation exercises on the ground. Then, after a few warm-up exercises, we sit in the hammock to tame this new feeling of "weightlessness" and, therefore, instability.

Then come more acrobatic positions, in inversion, which stretch the spine and oxygenate the brain. As a result, we soften gently, and we solicit deep muscles that are usually worked very little.

What are the benefits of aerial yoga?

The benefits on our body

Aerial yoga is a sporting activity. It is, therefore, an excellent way to practice a sport regularly as recommended by the WHO. Thanks to this discipline, you can work all the parts of your body. With this activity, you will be able to:

- Make you more flexible: Repeated gentle stretching will increase your flexibility thus, as you go further in your movements.

- Tone you up: When you are in the hammock, you use all your muscles. Maintaining your balance allows you to tone your whole body.

- Stretching: In suspension, you gently stretch all your joints.

- Improve your posture: The different positions and various stretches strengthen your postural muscles near your abs and spine.

Aerial yoga is increasingly recommended by the medical profession. In fact, it has many advantages. First, it helps in relieving back pain. Therefore, this sporting activity is very beneficial for people who have to remain in a seated position for several hours a day. Fly yoga positions promote total decompression of the spine, thus relieving back pain.

The benefits on our mind

Not only is fly yoga very beneficial for your body but for your mental health also! During your session, you will feel several essential things for your well-being.

If you ignore it, know that physical activity provides endorphins. This substance that is secreted by your body will allow you to relax and intensely reduce your stress. Here are all the other benefits that this yoga has on your mind:

- A feeling of freedom: Being suspended in your hammock frees you from the usual tensions felt on the ground.

- Increasing self-confidence: Keeping your balance for several postures will allow you to gain self-confidence as you become more proficient.

- You learn to let go: Once in your hammock, you are fully connected to the session. You are focused on your postures, so you forget your various daily concerns.

- Relaxation: This unique moment practiced gently gives you a great moment of relaxation. Relaxation sets in with the help of the breathing exercises practiced during the postures.

What are the contraindications?

Fly yoga is accessible to everyone but still has contraindications. For example, all inversions are not recommended for pregnant women. Aerial yoga is also not recommended for people with heart problems, blood pressure, suffering from glaucoma. You shouldn't do it within 6 hours of a Botox injection either. And then, to soar into the air, even if it is not a question of crazy acrobatics, it is better not to have a problem with finding yourself upside down.