Mind exercise is an important part of your mental health. Training your mind regularly can help you to prepare your cognition for the different cognitive skills that you use in your daily life.The mind can weaken like other parts of the body and its muscles in the event that it is not used sufficiently and continuously, the nerves that make up the brain weaken and begin to die and disintegrate and the body cannot form others to compensate for the loss of them, but the mind exercise help to prevent this from happening, and increase the body’s ability to build new nerves and new electrical networks in the brain which increase and strengthen its capabilities.

1. What is mind exercise?

Mind exercise is the sport in which the effort is mental rather than physical, and the degree of presence of the physical effort varies; it may not be present at all, as a case of speed reading and may be present as a state of sport of speed texting. Man can benefit directly from the practice of mind exercise; because it increases his mental activity, and therefore increases his physical activity and ability to interact with others and perform business in a good and professional manner.

2. Examples of mind exercise

Here are 10 exercises that will improve your physical and mental state if you do them regularly.

2.1 Brush your teeth with the wrong hand

Scientific studies have shown that using the non-dominant hemisphere of our brain quickly leads to a significant expansion of the cortical surface.How to do? Brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand. You can also use it to open the toothpaste and put it on your toothbrush.This will stimulate the work of the inactive side of the brain, which remains without using most of the time as the person's focus on using a specific side of his body, which is the most muscular side. It also helps to increase the area of the cerebral cortex and raise its ability to collect information.

2.2 Take a bath with closed eyes

This exercise helps develop a sense of touch and the ability to distinguish and control things without seeing them. In addition to activating the nerves that link the brain and hands, and increase the rate of information exchange between each of them; through bathing with the eyes closed, and work to determine the location of the water tap and the degree of coldness or hot water with the eyes closed, then start rubbing the body with the recognition of different areas of the body as soon as you feel it.

2.3 Turn familiar items

When we look at things the right way, our "verbal" hemisphere quickly recognizes them and moves on. Knocking over familiar objects makes the right hemisphere work, and we pay more attention to what we see.How to do? Flip your photos, clock, or calendar.

2.4 Change the reading style

The recourse to the routine in reading causes a limit to the brain's ability to develop as a result of its accustomed to the method used in reading for a long time without change. This is through reading aloud, then switching to a low voice, or reading a word and omitting a word or reading back from the last word towards the one that precedes it.

2.5 Change places at the table

In most families, each member has their designated place at the table, but your brain needs to be surprised, to have new experiences, in order to develop.How to do it: swap places, and so change your view of the room and people. You will see that even the way you catch salt and pepper will change.Related: Keeping up with COVID-19 news and stress issues

2.6 The practice of collecting letters

By reading a text in a newspaper or a book, and start gathering the number of repetitions of a specific letter in it, such as the letter "j" for example, or adding how many times the "definition" or movement of the hole is repeated. It helps the brain occupy new activities even if it is small. It is not complicated inactivating its ability to analyze, think, and absorb information faster.

2.7 Open the car window

The hippocampus is the region of the brain responsible for memory. Your memories will be clearer if they include a picture, a sound, and a smell.How to do? Try to recognize the new smells and sounds on your way. Opening the car window will help you.

2.8 Aromatherapy exercise

This exercise helps stimulate the brain's ability to distinguish odors, and link them to the various sources that they emit, such as linking the smell of sweat to high heat or exercise, and linking the smell of coffee to waking up, and linking the smell of food to meal time.

2.9 Communicate more

Scientific studies have repeatedly proven that lack of communication has an impact on our cognitive abilities.How to do? If you are thirsty, buy a drink from someone rather than from a vending machine. More gas? It is better to pay in cash rather than at the pump.

2.10 Break your routine

Brain studies show that mixing your morning tasks thickens the cortex and improves brain activity.How to do? Dress after breakfast, change routes to walk your dog, watch a TV channel, or listen to a different radio channel.

3. Tips to reinforce the mind

Eat healthyPrevent Vitamin B deficiencyDrink a lot of waterGet enough sleepAvoid stress and anxiety

Originally published on Live Positively.