It is out of the question that it is hard to have a goal to focus on while humanity faces grave danger amid this year’s pandemic crisis, and that social distancing might end up being the best solution until we find the cure for the spreading disease. But that solution, while it can be easier to implicate for some, is quite a challenge for many people accustomed to the outer perimeters. But there are a couple of methods and habits that might help with the process of stay at home and protecting oneself from the danger of being infected.

1. Focusing on goals

One of the key motivations that keep the person going is keeping track of their personal progress in a specific period. The improvement in question can belong to any activity that the person feels most likely to acquire. A perfect example of this would be learning something completely new, obtaining information about a subject or a topic that the person is already acquainted with, or reaching a predetermined milestone.

1.1 Setting goals

Setting goals is one of the priorities that can help motivate the spirit to try out new things, aspire for higher horizons, and keep track of the progress during the pandemic that can be much more comfortable with so much time in hand.

1.2 Unfinished business

There are many occasions where a person might want to do or achieve specific goals that they set for themselves subconsciously. Consequently, every time someone says or thinks they like a particular activity or event and they do not apply that in their reality, it is because they lack either the motivation or the time to do so. And since most of the earth’s population are practicing social distancing, there is truly no better time to start reconsidering those needs and different events, and they could be anything from reading a book that the person heard of to a trying out new habits in the social norms.Related: Various ways to deny stress from overcoming

2. Motivation

2.1 Understanding motivation

Motivation is one of the critical factors that allow the person to become capable of great achievements by following their goals. Any successful person will vouch for the subtle but significant difference that being motivated to do or stop doing a sure thing can bring to the life of an average person. And most people understand motivation as forcing oneself against its wishes, but motivation goes beyond that to changing perspective and training the spirit to know what is best.

2.2 Proper motivation

To properly motivate oneself to perform the daunting task of following the goals they set for themselves, one must learn enough information about the job in question and then act upon the newly found knowledge that they acquired. It also helps to set the mood and the feeling of productivity and well-being in the space that the person is navigating, which could be through performing cleaning sessions and taking care of chores and tasks on which they would not otherwise embark.

3. Benefits and importance of focus and motivation

In the pandemic situations that most people are experiencing, passing the time, and making oneself useful is a challenging and even daunting task for some people. Watching TV, Netflix, browsing social media, losing track of the progress made in the time before the quarantine, all of that is the usual repetitive loop of actions that many people are stuck in. It would be great if one came out of this unfortunate situation better than they entered it.

Originally published on Live Positively.