To always be on top in any situation, you can prepare a small beauty kit containing all the essential products to take with you everywhere. To help you, here is a small selection of products that are useful for everyday and easy to carry.

A pocket mirror

Want to make sure you have nothing in your teeth? Put lipstick on the subway? So you might as well have what you need in your bag! Essential number 1; the small pocket mirror, practical for discreet make-up touch-ups.

A bb cream

No need to introduce you to the famous BB creams. Praised for their covering, moisturizing and protective action, these creams halfway between care and make-up allow you to display an even complexion without having to apply heavy and comedogenic foundation.

A color corrector

No one is immune to a pimple popping up on the tip of their nose, redness due to irritation, or shiny nose wings! To conceal imperfections, opt for a corrector for your complexion. If your nose is shiny, take some foundation or a mattifying powder with you. The perfect complexion is yours until the evening!

A blush and bronzer palette

Palettes, we want dozens: of all colors and all brands! But only one is really essential: blush, illuminator, bronzer. It's the perfect combo' to present a healthy glow and a tanned complexion. To-do list? A light contour of bronzer, a touch of light on the top of the cheekbone and the temple, and a stroke of blush that makes you smile!

A mini mascara

A small format slips very easily into your make-up kit to ensure a fitting after lunchtime. Sometimes, only a sublime look counts to make the difference.

Lipstick; a make-up must-have

An essential element of any self-respecting vanity case, lipstick must also have a place in your handbag. It dresses your lips nicely even if you haven't had time for a full makeover. The extra beauty tip? Bet on a versatile make-up product for lips and cheeks. Not content to draw you a luscious mouth, it will also give color to your cheekbones.

A balm

It has the same function as an ointment, but it is more instantaneous. Result? Your previously damaged and stressed skin repairs itself in minutes. This is THE beauty secret of make-up artists to eradicate scales and chapped lips. Also, unlike the ointment, its texture is suitable for very dry skin, even for those that tend to become completely dehydrated.

A hand cream for soft and supple hands every day

Indeed, recurrent washing with soap and water or with a hydro-alcoholic gel can cause the skin of our hands to dry out. So once our hands are clean, it is important to provide them with hydration and nutrition. The hand cream will not reduce the effects of the hand gel but will keep the skin supple and soft by providing them with the necessary hydration.


Throughout the day, the touch of perfume that you applied in the morning in your bathroom evaporates. For the smell of your fragrance to resist time, there are reduced version perfume bottles or even mini-vials of samples. To slip into your bag absolutely!

A deodorant

Its omission can go so far as to create panic attacks, so obviously, the deodorant must slip into our bag when we leave the house.

A pack of make-up remover wipes

You have exceeded the contour of your lips, or your pencil begins to flow under your eyes? A light sweep with a make-up remover wipe, and you can see more than fire.

A hydro-alcoholic hand gel for clean hands in all circumstances

Let's prioritize the cleanliness of our hands. When we do not have a water and soap point, there is nothing better than using a hand cleaning gel.

Handling our keys or different objects, public transport, shopping... our hands touch many things during the day. So before any retouching on your face, it is essential to make your hands clean. This is the first beauty gesture not to be forgotten!

Rubber bands and some hair clips

An important meeting? A date? An unexpected storm? You always have something to change your hairstyle without panicking at the last moment.