Traveling light is an underrated source of satisfaction that an avid traveler can obtain, and it is described as a therapeutic experience by those who are good at it. Traveling, in general, is pretty stressful, from the booking process to the wait for the flight or transportation method to the road ahead. But one thing is certain is that carrying a 25kg backpack or bag is a necessity for some people to carry their belongings, but that is not at all the case.

1. Packing light

There is an infinite amount of misinformation about life hacks and minimalism in life. The general misconception is that there is a specific method to packing only the necessities, while the truth is that the packing process differs from one journey to another. Traveling light is not about having a very light bag; it is about knowing the main objectives of the trip and choosing what is necessary to take along. It is related to minimalism in many ways, but for the most part, it helps with the state of mind, because a light traveler has fewer things to worry about when being on a business or family trip.

1.1 Item choosing process

The high likelihood that the traveler packs at least four different duplicates of the same item that serves the same purpose is very high, which is why the choosing process is fundamental. On another note, the choice can vary depending on the length, type, and duration of the staying if need be. So starting with the basics is the natural first step, these basics are either various items used for multitasks or essential to the user, like toothbrushes and watches. The secondary items are the ones that are the trickiest to choose; that is because they are under government by several elements such as the type of the journey, the personal preferences of the traveler, and the length of the trip as well as the stay.

1.2 Clothes choosing process

Secondary items are laptops, canvases, and even socks. As for the clothes, the most settling way to pack them is by pressing the favorite ones or the go-to and then trim as much as possible to get a final product for the suitcase. The clothing that the traveler uses when they reach their destination has to be comfortable enough to stay in them for a long time as well as stylish in the eyes of the traveler. On the off chance that an accidental sabotage happens to the one traveling, taking into account packing another set of the clothing is a security measure, and should not add to the weight that much.Related: What are the best ways to travel the world cheap or for free?

2. The benefits of traveling light

In many ways traveling light earns the traveler the ability to pack more items and the freedom of having free movement, as opposed to having a vast and hefty suitcase. The right way to travel light is dependent on the traveler in some ways, but in others, the luxury of having a light bag comes with a few perks.

  • The cost of the luggage fee is way lower when the suitcase is compact.
  • The luxury of having to store the suitcase in the space above the passenger seats in planes and having more space to fit other necessities in the car.
  • Having the mobility needed when exploring a new city or when being late for an important meeting.

It is quicker and easier to pack what is much needed to the destination and on the way from it back home.

Originally published on Live Positively.