The global climate strike; Friday 20th September 2019. From Sydney to Seoul, to Manila and Bombay, hundreds of thousands of students collectively responded to the invitation of Swedish youngster Greta Thunberg to boycott classrooms over a day, in a symbolic move called a "school strike for the climate." In what constitutes the largest mobilization to call for action to face climate disasters.

More than 300,000 students gathered with their families in several Australian cities, while more than five thousand events organized around the world, according to "Fridays for Future" campaign, to persuade decision-makers and companies to take drastic measures to adjust the global warming caused by human activities.

1.Global climate strike around the world

1.1 New York

The mobilization peaks with a major demonstration in New York, where more than one million people participated, the majority of which are 1,800 public school students that allowed this.

1.2 Global climate strike in Australia

In Australia, some companies, departments, and schools encouraged staff and students to participate. And Will Connor, 16 years old, said in Sydney: "We are back to send a message to the people in power to show them that we are aware and that this matter is important to us. Our future is at stake."

Organizers estimate that more than 300,000 protesters took to the streets in the country's largest demonstrations since the Iraq war in 2003, and protests were organized in 110 towns and cities across Australia.

1.3 Global climate strike in China

China, the world's largest source of greenhouse gas emissions, does not allow protests, but Cheng Xiaowen of the China Youth Network for Climate Action said that young people would make moves one way or another. "The Chinese youth have their own methods. We also care about the climate, think deeply, interact, take action, and there are many people who are very aware of this issue."

1.4 Global climate strike in Thailand

More than 200 people stormed the headquarters of the Ministry of Environment and fell to the ground to pretend to die. "This is what will happen if we don't stop climate change now," said Natisha Ocharoenchai, 21, one of the strike organizers.

1.5 Global climate strike in Pacific nations

By dawn in the Pacific, the students began their day in Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, and Kiribati, chanting, "We will not back down. We are fighting." These Pacific nations are at the forefront of the global warming front because of the high-water level.

1.6 Global climate strike in India

Gatherings also held in India, Delhi and Mumbai, the commercial capital of India, which has seen floods resulting in more monsoon rains than usual, children from at least ten schools joined the protests throughout the day.

1.7 Global climate strike in Europe

Europe then took over. In Germany, where environmentalists have the electoral wind in their sails, demonstrators have already blocked traffic in the center of Frankfurt, causing a monster traffic jam. In Berlin, the main event started from the iconic Brandenburg Gate.

1.8 Paris

In Paris, the rally started at midday in Place la Nation. According to the count made by the company Occurrence for a media collective, there were 9,400 to have mobilized according to the cabinet Occurrence (which carried out a count for a media group).

2. Companies for the global climate strike

The movement also affected certain companies. Several companies around the world have thus decided to join these mobilizations.

The American Patagonia, for example, has widely publicized its decision to let its 107 stores close for two days, "to encourage its employees and customers to participate in the Global Climate Strike.

In Germany, 2400 companies have gathered under the banner "Unternhemen for Future," entrepreneurs for the future, and a collective has encouraged employees of companies like Zalando, Delivery Hero, or Flixbus to demonstrate in costume as a "sign distinctive." The Alnatura organic supermarkets, very popular in Germany, operated in reduced numbers.