The green apple diet controls appetite and eliminates fats, thus helping to lose weight. According to researchers at Washington State University, the green apple diet promotes metabolism. A study published in the journal “Food Chemistry," listed the beneficial effects of green diet's "dieting" on gut bacteria and weight loss.Green apple is a delicious summer fruit with delicious health benefits, as it is rich in nutrients and low in calories. Green apple contains Vitamin C, iron, copper, and potassium, as well as a high percentage of fiber and water, and a correspondingly small percentage of sugar, compared to other apple colors.

Benefits of dieting green apple

Dieting green apple helps in losing weight. Because it is high in fiber and polyphenols. Pectin is available in the peel of a green apple, which improves digestion in the stomach and softens the movement of food in the intestine. Knowing that green apple plays the role of "probiotics" in the intestine improves the quality of bacteria in the obese, so it becomes more similar to the ones we find in people of normal weight.Dieting green apple saves the body from flatulence, and in addition to the abundant amount of water in it, it creates a feeling of satiety for a long time without consuming excess food. It also reduces the level of sugar in the blood. It controls the proportion of the hormone "insulin" while noting that we find excess sugar in the body accumulates in the form of fat, so it is advised to eat apples to avoid this problem.Green apple provides the body with energy, as well as boosts the functioning of the immune system. Rich in antioxidants that protect the cells of the body from damage, and rid the body of toxins accumulated in it.Regulates the level of sugar in the blood by controlling the percentage of the hormone insulin that secretes the pancreas, and thus prevents the release of large amounts of sugar and its accumulation in the body in the form of fat.Fights digestive disorders, such as indigestion, gas, and bloating.Green apple promotes the body's metabolism, regulates bowel movement, and softens it.Related: What is the importance of a well-balanced and healthy diet?

Diet of green apple

In the following, the green apple diet program, which runs for five days:

The first day

Half a kilogram of green apple, distributed over breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The second day

A green apple for breakfast and a second for dinner. For lunch, it includes an apple, a dish of green salad topped with lemon juice, as well as two slices of skim cheese.

The third day

A slice of whole wheat bread, a slice of turkey, and a green apple for breakfast. For lunch, a green apple, in addition to a dish of green salad and two carrots. It is recommended that you only have a green apple for dinner.

The fourth day

A slice of bread made with whole wheat, two slices of turkey, and an apple, for breakfast. For lunch, it is advised to eat 200 grams of oil-free tuna, and a dish of boiled vegetable salad with lemon juice. For dinner, it is recommended to drink a cup of skim milk, a fist of corn flakes, and a green apple.

The fifth day

A slice of bread made with whole wheat, a boiled egg, and a green apple for breakfast. For lunch, 200 grams of chicken, a dish of green salad, and a green apple. The ingredients for dinner are similar to those of the fourth day.

Note: You should exercise or walk for half an hour every day, taking care to drink at least two liters of water.

The green apple diet controls appetite and achieves weight loss.

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