It is said "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" It carries a great deal of health and rationality. Apples are among the most important and most beneficial fruits for the body. When we talk about healthy foods, green apple comes to the fore, so today we will learn about the caloric content of green apple and the nutritional values in it, so follow us.

Green apple

Green Apple is a snack known for its delicious nature and taste; this fruit originated from the mountains of Kazakhstan from the Malus sieversii tree. More than 7500 types of this delicious fruit come in a variety of colors, which are red, yellow, and green apple. The apples are extremely rich in important antioxidants and flavonoids and dietary fiber; there is a high percentage of calories in green apple. The skin of the apple is thin but strong, and the inner core is thick, the inner pulp carries seeds, which can be harmful to health if consumed excessively, the nutrients are found in the pulp and skin, which is a rich source of anthocyanins tannins.

Nutritional values ​​in green apple

However, the caloric content in green apple or other types, in general, is very moderate, but apples are a fruit that boasts a wonderful stock of nutritional values ​​in addition to a high percentage of water, especially the green apple, it contains more fiber than its red counterpart, in addition to that one apple contains:

22.7 grams of carbohydrates,

4.7 grams of fiber.

0.7 grams of protein.

0.3 g of fat.

And unlike the calories in green apple and its content from the previous elements, it contains the following proportions of the daily value you need from important minerals and vitamins:

4 % of potassium.

2 % of magnesium.

6 % copper.

3 % of manganese.

4 % of vitamin K.

2 % vitamin E.

Calories in green apple and the right amount per day

Apples generally do not contain many calories. So, they are among the most recommended fruits by doctors during a diet period. Among the most common types of diet; is the green apple, which has many important features and specifications that distinguish it from other fruit types, and green apple does not contain many calories, as 154 grams of green apples contain 80 calories.

There are also many health benefits in green apple, and it is important for those who are heavily dietary.

How do you benefit from calories in a green apple?

The shape in which you eat any type of food during dieting, including apples, will undoubtedly make a difference in how this apple affects the feeling of satiety, and therefore how useful this is for weight-loss purposes. Whole apples are more conducive to satiety than apple juice, according to a study published in Appetit in April 2009. To get the most benefit from apples, you can eat them 15 minutes before a meal; this may help you eat fewer calories during the meal, even if you are considering calories in apples.

The health benefits of green apple

After dealing with the caloric content of a green apple and its importance in losing weight. It is important that we also learn about its health benefits for the entire body, that all varieties of apples have an almost identical nutritional value and share their health benefits to the body, including the following: 

- Aid in digestion.

- Reducing strokes.

- Treating anemia and strengthening the immune system.

- Cancer prevention and diabetes control.

- Prevention of Alzheimer's disease.

- Contributes to protecting the person from many of the problems that occur to him with age, as it maintains the health and safety of the body from many problems.

- Dental care and promote brain health.

- Help treat asthma.

- Lower cholesterol.

- Improve bone health and prevent heart disease.

- Improve vision.