Travel to Argentina. We only mention the name, and already so many images come to mind. This land of space brings into the collective unconscious a part of unfulfilled dreams and fantasies. To fill this gap, the country offers the accomplished traveler, in love with nature and others' culture, a guaranteed change of scenery.If you are planning to travel to Argentina, the striking beauty of the landscapes and the locals' generosity will not stop seducing you! Discover our selection of 10 must-see places.

1. Buenos Aires

The starting point of your travel to Argentina, the Argentine capital, is as attractive as interesting. Stroll the streets of Buenos Aires in search of Puertas cerradas! These unique places, restaurants, bars, or milongas hide behind large busy arteries.In San Telmo, the megalopolis' historic heart, taste the empañadas of the old market and fall in love with the tango dancers of Plaza Dorrego, one of the oldest squares in the city. Enjoy the deliciously old-fashioned atmosphere of the flea market that settles in the streets on Sundays.A stone's throw away, admire the Obelisk and the Casa Rosada, the seat of government. This is where mothers from Place de Mai, whose sons disappeared during the military dictatorship (1976-1983), have demonstrated every Thursday since April 30, 1977. In the evening, sit down in one of the many trendy restaurants in Palermo.

2. Ischigualasto and Talampaya national parks

Welcome to the paradise of paleontologists. In addition to the beauty of the desert landscapes, the Ischigualasto and Talampaya national parks are particularly famous for hosting real scientific treasures. Here you can admire particularly rich collections of animal and plant fossils dating back over 200 million years. These unique sites in the world helped to understand the evolution of the environment and the animals of that time and the advent of the "Age of the dinosaurs." These findings are, therefore, invaluable in the eyes of science. As a traveler, you can visit these parks by car or bicycle. With an area of 63ha, the ideal is to follow a local expert guide who will show you the most interesting corners, between rock formations and places of discovery.

3. El Chalten

It is considered the capital of excursions in Argentina and surrounded by the world famous mountains (Cerro Torre and Fitz Roy River) and also surrounded by glaciers and lakes. It is an incredibly wonderful walkway, and you will enjoy this site when you take your own bag of excursions and roam for long periods inevitably you will not forget this city with the magic and beauty of its nature.

4. Cordoba

Cordoba is the second largest city in Argentina, and there are many tourist attractions that you can discover. It has an important positive impact on tourism in Argentina because of its cultural diversity that is not insignificant. Cordoba has many historical and archeological buildings and Roman Catholic churches, in addition to a large number of public squares, hotels, cafes, clubs, parks, and shops, which are places that suit all visitors in terms of their interests and tastes. It is worth noting that the city contains the historical museum of the University Cordoba. Cordoba's geographical location has a great impact on attracting the arts, literature, and different cultures, which have made a great addition to the map of tourist places in Argentina in general.Related: An organized travel to Brazil inspiration and advice

5. Perito Moreno glacier

One of the most amazing sights and regions in the world is a 20-mile glacier, and it is the third largest freshwater reserve in the world, which makes it unique. It is the only one of the glaciers that progresses instead of retreating. There are also many services for tourists in that region being one of the most important tourist areas that you will enjoy when you travel to Argentina.

6. La Pampa

The Argentine countryside occupies a large part of the south of the country. La Pampa is typical of Argentina for several reasons. First of all, for its extraordinary landscapes, a still wild and indomitable nature. But it is also the ideal place to discover the "gaucho" culture, the famous Argentine cowboys. Let yourself be guided in the middle of the land to discover how these communities live and all the folklore that goes with it. Go on horseback to explore the wildest hills, share the locals' love for their region. Discover their customs, their dances, their gastronomy, far from the big cities and their European influences, another aspect of Argentine culture that will surprise and enchant you. So, if you want to be a cowboy, travel to Argentina.

7. Iguazú Falls

A travel to Argentina turns out to be a paradise for nature lovers. Among the essential things to do in Argentina, the Iguazú Falls will leave you with an indelible memory. In this northeast region characterized by its powerful rivers, the peaceful Rio Iguazú meanders through the rainforest fall into 275 shattering waterfalls. The beauty of the falls and their roar are breathtaking. 1,800 cubic meters of water per second pour out before your amazed eyes.A word of advice: take the time to explore the two national parks, Brazilian and Argentinian, to contemplate the Iguazú Falls from different points of view. Get away from the crowds to discover the 2,000 species of plants and get a chance to spot toucans and parrots along forest trails.

8. The Calafate

The wonderful and prosperous tourist city that contains the national park. It is located in the Santa Cruz area and is the starting point for tourist trips to Puerto Moreno glacier, and it is one of the most popular places there that does not exceed its visit during your travel to Argentina.

9. Ushuaia

The city of Ushuaia is a unique place in the world because it is here that the most southern lands of our planet are located at Antarctica's gates. Situated in the province of Tierra del Fuego, Ushuaia is an essential port city, but it has managed to develop several tourist attractions. Sports enthusiasts can go skiing, treks, or diving. For quieter activities, you can also go horse riding and even fly over the place by plane. Do not hesitate to take off by boat to visit the surrounding islands and see the famous lighthouse at the end of the world. You can also observe several marine animals such as cormorants, penguins, and sea lions. Finally, to find out more about local heritage and history, take a tour of the museum at the end of the world.

10. The Valdés peninsula

Lions and elephant seals, guanacos, penguins, and sea birds have taken up residence in the nature reserve of the Valdés peninsula, one of the main sanctuaries of marine fauna in the world. The place concentrates on an exceptional variety of animals. But the stars here are the southern right whales.They come to reproduce and give birth each year, from June to December. While it is easy to find a boat to observe them, their reproduction threat requires extreme caution.Make sure you choose a service provider that respects the legislation in force (engine shut down a hundred meters from cetaceans, ban on pursuing them). Let yourself be carried away by the emotion of this magical experience.

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