A travel to Indonesia; a mixture of culture, people of various beliefs and religions come together. Indonesia is also one of the fascinating archipelagos in the world. In addition to being the largest, composed of about 17,000 islands, the country offers a kaleidoscope of landscapes that we will not fail to capture in photos. Each of its islands is a journey in itself, a unique experience. The country's leading tourist destination, Bali, perfectly combines nature, culture, and well-being. But Indonesia cannot be reduced to the island of the gods, nor to Java and Lombok, two other islands that are widely visited. Little known, the “Sunda” Islands offer the wonderful feeling of being at the end of the world, far from the tourist crowds. This feeling of fullness and change of scenery is omnipresent when you discover Indonesia and its many facets for the first time.

1. Travel to Indonesia; Bali

Bali Island is the first destination for beach tourism when you travel to Indonesia because of its amazing and varied beaches that meet all the needs and desires of different tourists. It is one of the most beautiful tourist islands in the world, and it is among the most beautiful cities in the world in terms of tourist attractions.If you are looking for friendliness, warmth, and acquaintance with different cultures and customs, here are the most popular “Kuta” and “Sanur” beaches in Bali. You can enjoy the sunshine, water sports and socialize with the friendly and welcoming locals as if you are one of them in a short but enjoyable and exciting experience.But if you do not prefer mixing and looking for a calm atmosphere that encourages relaxation or newlyweds, you came for a honeymoon vacation in Indonesia. Then “Nusa Dua” Beach is your ideal destination or the beautiful area of “​​Ubud” suitable for honeymoon and traveling alone.

2. Travel to Indonesia; The island of Java

The island of Java, the most populated in Indonesia, stretches from west to east for almost a thousand kilometers. Java offers the worst and the best. People come here above all to discover exceptional nature. The tropical forest also occupies 30% of the island.A trip to the island of Java is an adventure far from the preconceived ideas, crossing the most populated island of Indonesia and appreciating the astonishing cultural diversity in the middle of spectacular landscapes. You will be breathless by discovering the sunrise over the “Kawah Ijen” and “Mount Bromo” volcanoes. You will be marveling by the architectural heritage of the temples of “Borobudur” and “Prambanan." In Yogyakarta, you plunge into a unique atmosphere between dense urbanity and a warm welcome from the locals. We immerse ourselves in Indonesian cultural diversity during a Ramayana dance performance, where we meet the artists who shape the city and its culture between modernity and traditions.Related: The most beautiful islands of Malaysia

3. Travel to Indonesia; Puncak (Green Mountain)

One of the most tourist areas in Indonesia, suitable for those looking for a quiet destination away from the hustle and bustle of the city and the hassle of responsibilities.In Puncak or Green Mountain, as they call it, you will find mountain ranges that cover farms with high peaks, gardens, and meadows, their steep slopes surround you from everywhere with cool breezes as if you fell on a piece of paradise.Alternatively, you can discover the locals' culture going out for walks in the green mountainous city during the weekends.After your visit to the city, which is classified as an ideal destination for family tourism and honeymoon holidays, you can also pass through “Bogor” and “Cianjur," located on the same mountain road.

4. Travel to Indonesia; Kawah Ijen

In the far east of the island of Java, the “Kawah Ijen” is a volcanic wonder. Its crater rises to an altitude of 2,400 m and encloses the most acidic lake on the planet. An hour and a half climb on a steep path in the heart of tropical greenery gradually lead you to a mineral and lunar landscape. At the top, the turquoise green lake contrasts with the sulfur fumes rising from the bottom of the crater. The miners, with their empty baskets, descend into the volcano's bowels, nearly 900 meters below, to fetch a few kilos of sulfur. Note, when there is too much smoke emitted from the “Kawah Ijen," the access area may be closed. Some travelers climb during the night to observe the phenomenon of blue flames; others come early in the morning simply to watch the magic spectacle of the sunrise over one of the most beautiful volcanoes in Indonesia.

5. Travel to Indonesia; Lombok

One of the best touristic sites in Indonesia in terms of beach and water sports thanks to its clean sandy beaches, perfect for a relaxing atmosphere, with the best sites for diving, and dazzling beach coral formations that can be easily and effortlessly accessible.Besides, during your visit to Lombok, which can be competing with Bali for the title of the most beautiful islands of Indonesia, you can enjoy a visit and climb the famous volcanic mountain “Rinjani” and see its sulfur ruins and amazing fog.

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