If you are planning a trip to Italy, and you need some important and useful tips about this beautiful country which is the most visited country in Europe, in this article you’ll find the essential tips for your trip.

General tips before traveling to Italy

The speaking language in Italy is Italian. Don't wait that Italians will speak English only if you are dealing with someone offering a service in the English language, such as a tourist guide. Even more, don't expect to find the road signs written in English; therefore, be sure to keep a translator to communicate with Italians.Despite that, Italy is often crowded with tourists; however, the principle monuments and sights deserve to be visited.While planning to visit the principal monuments in Italy, such as; the Vatican museums in Rome, the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, and the Leaning Tour in PisaBe aware of the Italian holidays because many restaurants, commercial shops, museums, and monuments will be closed.Usually, Italian museums are closed on Monday.Avoid shopping on Sundays, since many shops are closed.If you want to travel by plane to Italy and you want to book in an economic traveling company, the best way to look for flights in Europe is on tripadvisor.

Food, tips before traveling to Italy

Italian breakfast is at 8 am lunch at 1 pm and dinner at 8 pm. But in the south, the locals are late for meals.Most restaurants are closed till 7:30 pm; they open for dinner.In general, the Italians eat local and seasonal food, which means that the Sicilian food is different from Venitian food, as the winter menu differs from the summer one.

Italy travel tips: transportation

Trains in Italy are very useful and comfortable, and they are operating correctly. So, if your destination is connected with a train trip, don’t hesitate to use it.Don’t rent a car in Florence, because it is a small and crowded city and full of pedestrian streets so you would better to discover it on foot.You won’t be able to rent a car in Venice, because Venice is a group of islands surrounded by water channels, so you can visit it on foot or using taxi boats and remember to be a travel light while going to Venice.Parking cars could be a nightmare in Italian cities, so if you need to park, just use the paying parking.You'll be more free and comfortable if you rent a car while visiting the Italian countryside because usually, the trains don't go to the small countrysides; thus a car rental is the best choice.While taking a taxi in Italy, be sure that the counter is working and don't accept any surcharge. If the driver refuses to start the counter or insist on dropping you at a not agreed place, especially in Rome, you can claim at the hotel reception by providing the taxi information.

Dressing-up before traveling to Italy

If you are traveling by train, don’t forget to travel light. Because you’ll be carrying your luggage by yourself.Italians don’t wear sport’s cups and T-shirts, and you’d be better to follow their outfit while traveling to Italy to avoid any embarrassment.Make sure to put on comfortable shoes while wandering and discovering the Italians cities, because you'll find many gravel streets.

Italy travel tips: technology

The WIFI service is not well spread in Italy, and not secured. Although the majority of hotels offer to their clients a free WIFI service, but with a poor speed even in hotels with 4 and 5 stars.It would be better to bring a guide book as well as download an offline Google map on your mobile phone.Be aware of thieves who are attracted by I pads and smartphones, so make sure to hide it while you are wandering around.

Italy travel tips: currency

Italian currency is Euro.Plan to take enough money for your trip, and you have to know that some restaurants don’t accept credit cards, so you have to carry some cash with you, otherwise in the majority of Italian places prefer cash than a credit card.

Rome travel tips:

Rome is a big city; eventually, you won't be able to visit the whole town on foot. And we don’t advice you to rent a car because driving in Italy is a bit hard as the streets and parking will be crowded. Thus, you have two choices, either you take a taxi or learn how to take a bus or the metro, and it’s preferable to wear comfortable shoes if you like walking.Related: What is a travel guide and what is its importance?

Beyond Rome, eight alternative Italian cities

Don’t visit the Colosseum and the Vatican museum on the same day because it will be exhausting.Most of the Italian museums are closed on Mondays, except for the Vatican, which is closed on Sundays.Don’t visit the Colosseum or the Vatican museums on free Sundays because they will be so crowded.If you are staying in Rome Italy, it would be better to reside in Navona piazza and Monti steps because they are closer to the Colosseum and to the Spanish region.The sights and monuments that you can discover by yourself or by the help of a travel guide in Rome are Navona piazza, the Pantheon, the Spanish steps, Trevi fountain, Del Popolo piazza, Campidoglio and the Victor Emmanuel monument.It may be a long day, but it’s possible to visit the Bombi as a day journey.

Travel tips to Florence Italy

Florence is a small city, but with a long historical period, so you can plan to stay in for a few days.Make sure to book tickets in advance to visit the Uffizi and Academia galleries.You can wander in Florence on foot or on the Tram and no need to rent a car.In Florence, you'll meet many international students, which makes the city full of English speaker's tourists.Florence is the start point to visit Loca, Pisa (the leaning tower of Pisa), Siena, San Gimignano, and Riv Chianti, and all these cities are accessible in a day trip using public transportation.

Travel tips to Venice

Make sure to stay in Venice and not in Mestre or other cities out of Venice. Since the magical Venice is reflected in the afternoon, as it is a safe city even at night.

A touristic schedule to visit Venice in 24 hours

Make sure to see Venice from the sky, by climbing up the Campanile Tower at the principal piazza. Or to avoid the crowds, take a boat to the San Gorgio Maggiore Island and climb up the Bell Tower.If you intend to travel to Venice in winter, the city will know the rising level of water then the boardwalks will appear so don't forget to take your boots.To conclude up, while planning for a trip, especially European countries, make sure to choose a safe country, and Italy is one of the safest and most visited countries in the world. Thereby, before traveling to Italy, learn about the important tips and don't forget to take the essential papers, such as travel insurance, to stay safe and secured, as well as the credit card to use it in case of need.

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