It is inconceivable to consider a trip to America without making a detour to the capital Washington D.C. city! This city is full of official monumental buildings, memorials, and very interesting museums. But Washington D.C city also knew how to create a light, entertaining environment perfect for a relaxing vacation. Admire the White House and then stroll along the banks of the Potomac River ...

1. Location

Washington, D.C city, is the capital of the United States of America. Its name comes from that of the country's first president, George Washington.The city is not part of a state but is a special area called the District of Columbia (Washington D.C.).Washington D.C city is located in the Potomac River, which separates it from the state of Virginia. On all other sides, Washington touches the state of Maryland.

2. History of Washington D.C city

The French engineer, Pierre Charles Lanfan, had designed the city, by order of the American President George Washington. The Capitol building was the center of the city; then, the federal government moved from Philadelphia to it. During the war that erupted in 1812 AD, the British soldiers burned the White House and the Capitol, and they were rebuilt in 1819 AD. The outbreak of civil war in the United States of America led to an increase in the population of this city, and the city witnessed its largest development and prosperity after the Second World War.Related: USA travel advice, the important to know before traveling

3. Monuments and memorials in Washington D.C city

Washington D.C city includes a number of buildings that the American Architects Association ranked in 2007, as one of the best buildings in the country in terms of design, among the ten most beautiful buildings in the United States. These buildings include the White House, Washington National Cathedral, the Jefferson Memorial, the United States Capitol, Lincoln Memorial, and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.Among the most prominent tourist sites in Washington D.C city is the National Mall, which includes the most important museums, political and cultural buildings, and monuments in the city.Both the White House and the Capitol are the most prominent landmarks in Washington. The city includes stock printing buildings, the Franklin Roosevelt Monument, along with many libraries such as the Library of Congress and the Folger Shakespeare Library, which houses a large collection of works by English novelist and poet William Shakespeare.Washington, D.C city has an interesting number of museums such as the Museum of Natural History, the Museum of American History, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Museum of Postage Stamps.

3.1 The white house

It was built between 1792 and 1800, the White House has been the residence and office of the President of the United States since John Adams, the 2nd President of the United States.This sandstone building painted in white has undergone multiple expansions, restorations and reconstructions over the decades, whether by decision of the Presidents or following destruction or a fire.The White House now occupies an area of 5100m² with 132 rooms spanning 2 to 4 levels (including 35 bathrooms), Offices, reception rooms, a library, and many types of leisure activities: tennis, basketball, bowling, cinema, golf green or swimming pool.

3.2 The Capitol of Washington, D.C city

The seat of Congress comprising the Senate and the House of Representatives, the Washington D.C city Capitol overlooks the Mall, the city's famous green flow.Built since 1793, under the presidency of George Washington, the Capitol is set on a hill. Composed of 2 wings, it is an architectural marvel whose dome rises to 87 meters in height. Visitors will appreciate the beauty of the rooms as well as the many statues representing famous people from history.The Capitol is open for visits from Monday to Saturday most of the year, and it is best to register online before any visit. The queues can indeed be long.To conclude, even if Washington D.C city represents the American power in its most formal and solemn form. It has managed to remain a dynamic city, in tune with the times, very pleasant to live in and to visit, especially in spring, when the cherry trees planted along the famous National Mall, which extends from the Washington Monument to the United States Capitol, are in bloom… The Cherry Blossom Festival takes place every year in the city in March-April.

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