In order to preserve your health and wellness, there are some simple precepts and advice to follow. Here are seven tips for good overall health and wellness.

1. Eat a healthy and balanced diet

This is the first piece of advice we can give you. If you want to be in good health and wellness, start with your diet. Eat fruits and vegetables a day is a rule you must have heard several times, but there is a reason for it since they have a protective role in preventing diseases that can appear with age, such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes… They also provide the vitamins, minerals, and fibers necessary for the proper functioning of the body.

It is even necessary for some doctors and nutritionists to consume 7 or even 10 fruits and vegetables per day. We must therefore avoid eating too fatty, too sweet, or too salty. To help you eat better, you can see specialists, or bring your smartphone: some applications like Yuka allow you to consume better by telling you if a product you can find in supermarkets is too salty, sweet, or packed with additives. Easy to use, these applications will make things more fun. Thus, being healthy means wellness.

2. For your health and wellness, sleep well

Organize yourself so that you can go to bed earlier and in good condition. There is nothing better for the body and the mind than enjoying a complete and quality night's rest. Avoid long vigils, heavy meals, and alcohol before sleeping.

3. A good health and wellness need some physical activity

Perform a moderate, adapted, and playful physical activity. Sport is essential to stay healthy. If you don't have time to practice outdoors, you can perform some exercises at home. Sport is a good way to relax and relieve stress, which is bad for your health, avoid stressful situations and in case of stressful passage, consider letting off steam or relaxing more.

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4. Connect to "nature"

Walking in the great outdoors will have an anti-stress effect and allow you to disconnect for a few moments from new technologies; e-mail, internet, etc. In the end, relaxation, letting go, daylight beneficial for health, better oxygenation, and walking activates the lymphatic system (linked to the immune system). The color green would also have an impact on us and, therefore, good health and wellness.

5. Treat your allergy for good health and wellness

Nearly 30% of a country's population is allergic to pollen. This is the most common allergy, but the allergy can also be a reaction to certain drugs, certain foods. Therefore, it can permanently affect your health and wellness, or even cost you your life, for most virulent allergies.

Allergies are an overreaction of the immune system. Our immune defenses, our antibodies are there to wage war against bacteria.

If the immune system is racing, it will produce antibodies against things that are not necessarily threats like peanuts or pollen.

6. Good breathing gives you good health and wellness

Indeed, breathing is the 1st VITAL element. Optimizing your breathing is, therefore, essential for health. Who among us thinks about optimizing their breathing every day? The ideal first step is to learn abdominal breathing. Then, the ideal would be to breathe, deeply and consciously, 100 to 200 times/day of the 20,000 automatic breaths daily. This allows for better oxygenation. Respiratory checks and cardiac coherence are also very useful.

7. For good health and wellness; laugh and smile

Smiling is good for us because body language is directly connected to the way we think and act. For example, try to smile and get angry at the same time, you will find that this is incompatible, if not impossible. Also, consider LAUGHING in your day; it will have effects on your health.

Put these seven elements in place as soon as possible to improve your lifestyle, your health and wellness.

Originally published on Live Positively.