Technology news has been a trending topic among teenagers and tech enthusiasts in general in the past few years. That growing interest started when technology became available to everyone or, in other words, mainstream. The part in technology news and actualities is also trendy, and that is why smartphones, tablets, earbuds, and other technology trends became viral and developed a cultural existence on the internet. That existence helps market the product as well as give credit and praise on the viral of unknown brands. The technology news offers a glimpse of the specific details behind the making of a product, and they are mostly on the front page within the official range except when leaks take place. The end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 had some interesting reveals in the smartphone and technology industry.

1. The new iPhone

In 2019 Apple released a succession of smartphone devices that were their new flagship devices under the name of the iPhone 11, and in 2020 they decided to appeal to a broader audience by attacking the mid tear price point of 400 dollar smartphones. The device in question was named the iPhone SE, a device that shares similar attributes to the 1000 dollar iPhone 11 but lacks some of the more extreme ones like the triple camera setup and the higher refresh rate display. But it stayed true to the slick minimalistic design that Apple gives to all their products, while also having distinct features such as the A13 Bionic chip, which on a smaller device Like the SE nails performance, it gives the phone more life span with software support. The main point that Apple emphasized with this phone is that it checks all the boxes of what a smartphone should do for the price that it holds.

2. 5G technology

5G is a technology that helps to get faster internet in real-time. Few devices on the shelves of stores have this technology in 2020, and it became a trend for smartphone developers to pick up on. The newer devices in the flagship section, which reach the price point of 1000 US dollars are few, one of them is Samsung’s new line-up of Galaxy S20 and other devices at that price range. Samsung made it clear that the 5G is a feature that distinguishes their devices, and it will continue to optimize them accordingly. The most exciting fact about 5G networks is that they are very sparse, and the majority of the areas that do have 5G are experimental trials. Nevertheless, the speed and download capability of 5G is noticeably impressive, and it could very well be the future of connectivity and networking. Even smartphone developers say that this feature is here to stay, which is the reason they started to make their phones’ battery capacity larger.Related: Technology management stages and their benefit to human evolution

3. 8K technology

It is a noticeable fact that screens in recent years are becoming thinner and more vibrant. Still, the detail in the pictures is up to the number of pixels it has, which is why TVs and monitors are embracing 8K technology as a tool to advance this feature in screening. That technology was the upgrade from the already impressive 4K resolution, and the trade-off with this one is that it is still fresh. It cannot support any frame rate above 60 fps, but the scientists and TV developing companies are working on that. This idea was put together in the year 2016 and put to use by 2017 in TVs, and it estimates shows that the next line of TVs from the year 2023 will have 8K on each TV.

4. Artificial intelligence

In recent years, Google, as well as Apple, Amazon, and Samsung, jumped on a trend that is Artificial intelligence, and each company utilized the idea to their respective extent. But the one company that followed the picture to the next level of the application was Google. The Google search engine, as well as their search result engine, YouTube system, and advertising all, depending on the machine learning AI designed by them. In their recent presentations, they showcased their newest AI technology breakthrough under the name of Google Home. A smart home speaker that connects to all the other existing Google and Android products, giving the user this synergy between all the devices they have at home. Google released 3 Google Home products, one is the original Google home with Google assistant built it and three stereos, and then there was the Google Home Mini and the Google Home Max. The last two devices had, as their names suggest, different attributes for different markets. As technology news develops, the project is in effect, and the majority of the income that Google controls is due to the usage of Artificial intelligence.

5. The switch to wireless

One of the latest technology news that stormed the internet across multiple tech companies is that they want the world to move onto wireless technology completely. The first move towards the wireless world was the announcement of wireless earbuds that followed the ban of the headphone jack on smart devices, and that was the reason to do such a business changing decision. The prohibition on the headphone jack forced the users to buy wireless products. The problem that wireless technology produces is that it is very early in development piece of hardware, and the consistency of it is entirely dependent on the device itself. But on the bright side, technology like wireless charging worked effortlessly so far, and even to the point where Samsung came up with a feature on their newest devices called “reversed wireless charging.” The technology is still early in development as well, but it does have exciting capabilities for practicality.

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