Technology development is a manifestation of scientific progress. This strong shift in the world of technology, which is represented in several aspects, advanced by information technology, as well as technology related to devices and inventions, etc. Technology has become a feature of the modern era, and the necessities of life, so hardly one can dispense with it, it is present in educational institutions, in medicine, in the media, in communication, and in agriculture, etc. The technology development has gone through several stages until it reached what it is now, keep reading to discover together the different stages of technology development.

We distinguish 4 stages of technology development:

  1. The first stage called the emerging technology stage. It is the acquisition of a production process, infrastructure, skilled labor, mastery of management systems, and product quality. This stage was marked by a high level of risk in it, due to its lack of use before; there are no previous experiences related to it. As the risk and failure rate is advanced, this stage spent a long time until the safety of technological tools was confirmed, and it can be trusted.
  2. The second is a process of adaptation to more sophisticated technologies allowing to market products adapted to local or foreign demand. It is called rapid technology stage and characterized by fast progress and spread and met with great acceptance due to the reliability of the technology and the success of the experiences related to it. The technology of this stage was used in establishments and institutions, as well as in the services of SMS messages and related to cellular devices.
  3. The third stage of technology development is the introduction of the first degree of innovation. That allows the firm to improve its productivity and competitiveness. It has its own research laboratory and begins to produce its own licenses.
  4. The stage of the basic technology. In this stage, technology has become one of the main pillars upon which enterprises depend. Such as the presence of the Internet, where enterprises and companies depend on most of their business, and without them, they will lose their productive and competitive role.

Advantages of Technology development

a. Business Efficiency: Things can be done almost instantly using technology. Commodity manufacturing tools have been greatly simplified, and this has caused a significant reduction in waste and reduced costs for consumers.b. More jobs: Technology has created a tremendous amount of new jobs. In our world’s economy as a whole new group of people is needed to work with, develop, and maintain new technology in homes and workplaces.c. Better in communication: Keeping in touch is easier now than ever before. You can talk to, chat with, or collaborate with anyone in the entire world, and this has stimulated amazing things and a better understanding of other cultures.d. Medical care: A lot of new technology is developing in the medical field. Surgical procedures and daily functions have become so simple and effective that the level of illness and accidents has decreased dramatically.

Disadvantages of technology development

a. The social gap: technology is expensive, and keeping up with the latest trends is almost impossible for a person who is not in the upper class. This has caused a large social gap between the people who can and cannot afford the cost of these technologies.b. A generation of laziness: Since everything has become easier or fully implemented for us through the use of technology. People slowly but surely forget how to do things the old way and forget the good old hard work.c. Things get old quickly: As technology development is new, faster and more efficient new versions are designed. This may be a problem because you may have the latest and best technology, but it will get old in a very short time, and this causes our landfills to fill with computers, mobile phones, and other things.

Originally published on Live Positively.