What is the impact of technology on human life? In the last twenty years, our society has taken a real turn by becoming more and more technological. Now, the majority of the world's population has access to the Internet, smartphones, tablets, or computers. The era is high-tech, digital, home automation, and artificial intelligence. All of these technological innovations have a direct impact on our lives. Some are really useful and make life much easier for the citizen; others can be really harmful.

1. The advantages and disadvantages of technology

Technology has been able to solve many of the outstanding problems in our lives. The development of medical tools, for example, has led to rapid access to appropriate medicines for some diseases. In ancient times, seasonal flu caused the death of a large number of people, while currently, it is one of the simplest things that a person can be exposed to and recover from.

1.1 The beneficial impact of technology

a- For individuals: The positive impact of technology on individuals is that the technologies are facilitating the everyday life of people. Such as the invention of the washing machine, the car, …etc.b- Work field: The development of technology coupled with digital technology makes it easier to create a multitude of devices that are ever more innovative, and that allow humans, among other things, to save precious time in the organization of work.For example, thanks to technology, you can now work and earn a living without necessarily leaving your home (telework). This not only makes it possible to work faster but also to reduce the level of pollution due to the limited use of daily transport. This advance is also beneficial for businesses, which can save more money by renting less office space.c- Medical field: Technologies have become just as essential in the medical sector. The impact of technology in the health sector is very significant since it is possible to treat many more pathologies and other diseases because of medical technological advances. The technology has improved research results, but also improves techniques, for example with robotic arms for performing extremely precise operations, or even replacing amputated limbs. In addition to the use of virtual reality to perform operations without the use of anesthetic.d- On other fields of lifeThe impact of technology is even more noticeable in the organization of the personal lives of people today. With a smartphone, it is indeed possible to configure reminders, to save precious time in the organization of leisure activities, to set alarm clocks in the morning, to make purchases, consult your bank accounts… But even more, to use various intuitive applications to do a whole series of things: learn languages, chat with people on the other side of the world, edit videos, and even run your own house.

1.2 The harmful impact of technology

Like everything, there is a flip side. While the benefits of technology are undeniable, the dependence it creates on some, as well as the threats to privacy, may cause you to think.Addiction to new technology. Indeed, man no longer needs to think. Even if the calculator is a good invention, man does no longer use his mental calculation and work his memory.Therefore, the future will tell us if man will be able to master technological advances for the benefit of his well-being or if he will use them for the purposes of domination and enslavement of the population.The use of technological tools has become essential in the educational life of young people. And the latter, for the most part, show great interest in screen devices such as smartphones, tablets, PCs, and game consoles. Except that this passion is not without danger.Several studies show that young people spend far more time in front of a screen than anything else. These studies also reveal that this situation has negative and dangerous consequences on their intellectual development. This is why doctors strongly advise against screens before the age of 6 years.Total dependence on advanced technological means leads to a lack of human activity and a lack of exercise. The emergence of back diseases from frequent sitting and non-movement, obesity, and a negative impact on sleep as a result of radiation emitted from electrical devices in the bedrooms, and the use of smart devices before bed has a negative impact on the brain and the ability to sleep.


Technology is evolving rapidly and can sometimes be difficult to keep up with. For this reason, it can become difficult to adapt to them and to really understand them and understand their abilities. Therefore, the impact of technology as a whole has many advantages and disadvantages in our lives. The "advantages" tend to want to make our lives easier and less time consuming to get things done. The “disadvantages” are mainly that we take these technologies for granted and lose sight of reality.

Originally published on Live Positively.