Education is one of the core essentials of a healthy society and development. Education improvement means that the next line of generations must live up to the global standards that some communities strive for, and achieve the success rates that the government entails.Education improvement goes through many stages and can result in many reasons that are political, social, or historical. It should be well in mind that navigating through the mistakes of one of the largest and most powerful countries in education can help prevent them in other communities.

1. Safety in schools

1.1 School shootings

Probably one of the most talked-about topics in the last two years is the safety of students and the number of mass shootings and school shootings in that period.Weirdly enough, it seems as though the United States is home to this odd phenomenon of young adolescents having mental problems that lead them to project their frustration and stress via violent acts.

1.2 Violent acts

Teens and young students are undoubtedly hard to handle, but when they are not held accountable for their responsibility, they are most likely going to take advantage of that.In the last few years alone, authorities in the United States justified the lack of education improvement, with over 1.6 million cases of violence across seventy-six different schools. The numbers are only rising, and the impact of such statistics is negative on students and teachers alike.

2. US schools and technology

Technology is a tricky thing to control in general, but when paired with the student’s disinterest in the lesson, it becomes an obstacle. Many students use their smartphones and electronic devices for entertainment rather than focusing on the information that matters to their careers.The problem with such technology is that it is here to stay; it cannot be replaced by other types of tools, which is essential to the communication aspect with students.The government has also failed to deliver the lessons on every OLED that the student might be looking at, which makes for the harmful use of the technology in hand.Related: What is the contribution of technology in Healthcare?

3. Government funding

Many programs in the United States depend on the government to fund their research and development, and they are mostly revolving around the core essentials of the country like education, science division, healthcare, public services, and so on.The problem that the US government has with the absence of education improvement stems from their inability to fund programs and lessons that are more than forty years old.

4. How to prevent them

There has to be a specific type of official dedication towards the cause or the goal to help the education improvement programs. The main problems of finance, violence, rudeness, and lack of technological advancement in the educational field have to influence the strategy.For example, whether the government decides that the educational improvement comes from within the system, or changes the policy entirely is a factor that most people neglect.

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