In our days, many people in and outside of the technological world guess which direction the future technology will take the human race next. And typically, this question would be answered based on which type of activities are trending, or maybe the concepts that are floating around in private workshops.In either case, it is inevitable that the next line of technology products will be more accessible and have the spotlight on them for a long time. And the reason is that most of the products that we have today as the daily tech started in that way.

1. Communication technology

Across the ages, humans found new and improved ways of communicating with each other, developing languages, innovating in the technology of the future like cars and public transport, and finding new tools to converse such as networks and radio waves.But in the last few years, the race towards satisfying large audiences and giving them new ways of using specific products over others, made it, so that grand companies invest into small and innovative projects.

1.1 Smartphones

One of the most noteworthy and controversial subjects in our time is the overuse of smartphones and their massive success in the technology industry. And their constant improvement makes the assumption that they will still be here years from now, making the technology of the future.In many ways, such technology will not stay the same, and that is evident in the radical change that happened to the design element of modern smartphones since they first entered the market.Possibly one of the biggest anticipated and rumored elements of the smartphones of the future is that they will have an edge to edge screens and no wire attachments.

1.2 Wireless technology

The public already has a good idea as to the technology of the future in the form of wireless tools we use every day. Some of them are much more compact than others, but the main attraction around them is that they require no cable management and can be anywhere.From wireless earpieces that connect to smartphones, simple payment methods at local stores, and even a home speaker that broadcasts and runs on voice commands, this type of trend is most likely going to be the next lineup of devices in the near future.

1.3 5G network

Although it is a work in progress, most people would agree that the 5G network and its capabilities are impressive pieces of tech. That is the technology of the future because it improves upon an older version and eliminates so many problems that people have to deal with when using 4G.5G networks are currently still in development and only a work in progress, but early tests on the field show promising results. From faster networks to a more robust range for mobile use, it does appear to be the solution for the rest of communication issues.

2. Electric power

Something that a lot of technology fans anticipate the news on is the technology of electric or hybrid-powered machines. In recent years many car manufacturers took classic car models and gave them an echo twist. What resulted from that is an entire lineup, a trend that is still to this day.One of the first companies that made the switch to electric power successful was Tesla. Tesla made using an electric engine a trend in the past few years, and they did just that by showing the world the positive aspect of owning an electric automotive technology.Add to that the fact that it has a significant effect on nature’s progress, and it becomes clear that this idea attracts many potential buyers. It also serves as a refresher from the other works in the domain, partly because Tesla’s designs are unique and groundbreaking, but mostly because it holds up to today’s standards.Green technology is already taking effect. From airports to highways, there are charging stations for multiple vehicles at once and it costs less than petrol to fill up. Although the technology is far from done, it does quite have the promise of a better future.Related: The advancement of technology through time

3. Medical aid

In terms of healthcare, many ideas revolve around the cost and transportation for unique and delicate operations. Things like heart transplants and even body parts are also in the making, and most of that is due to the overwhelming demand for them.

3.1 Online OP

The reason why online op is a technology of the future is because of the doors it opens in the medical field. If the networking capabilities enhance going into the new age of wireless technology and courier implants, it is safe to say that performing delicate operations across continents is a viable option.Many lives will have hope for survival, and countless others will respond and cherish this gift with high intent and even inspire the new lineup of technology.

3.2 Genetic engineering

Although it is a controversial topic for the public eye, it is still a mere concept. The thought of genetically modifying human DNA can erase many detectable problems in our modern times but unsolvable.To a certain extent, this concept can create a new era of humanity and rekindle what many people in the science and technology industry thought to be an old dream. And that dream is having a solution for genetic diseases.But science can go even further. Maybe create genetically modified generations that are immune to chronic diseases or any type of bacteria that might enter their system.

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