In this article we’ll discover why travel is important in our life? Here are the ninth reasons to travel, to encourage you traveling and to provide you with wanderlust.

1. Discover a new way of living

Every country has its way of life, its own habits, its lifestyle, its function, and it's always been interesting to see how other people live, which help to question one's lifestyle.

2. Learn a new language

There are other languages than yours; thus, it's interesting to learn new languages, such as English, but there are many others, like Chinese, and it's always pleasant to familiarize yourself with new languages. Eventually, learn and master a language to have access to new content, and this is enriching.

3. Getting out of one’s comfort zone

In one’s city, in one’s country, its functioning is well known, it has its own landmark, we master the language, we know how it works, we certainly know what to do. Still, when we travel, we arrive at an unknown place that we often don’t know its language. It's good to get out of the comfort zone in order to understand who we really are and to work one’s reasoning.

4. Have the feeling of novelty

I try to see everything, to discover, to concentrate on everything, I hear new languages that people speak, they don’t do the same things that I do, not the same way I do, I see new landscape, I see things that I don’t know before, and you feel that you are discovering life.

5. Becoming richer or less rich

If you belong to the middle class in your country and you go to another developing country, you will feel comfortable with what you want to do, in some activities that you can practice regarding the buying power.

If you go to a richer country than yours, you lost the buying power, and you are obliged to calculate and be more careful about everything and questioning your lifestyle and consumption mode.

6. Stop the time

When we travel, we feel that the day lasts 2000 years, boredom doesn't exist, and we always have something to do.

7. Feel free

When you are on vacation, you will feel free, no pressure, and you have the feeling to discover everything, the feeling that you are the world’s king.

8. Be more intelligent

Travel gives us the opportunity to be an open-minded, more creative, and we discover new ways of living, different cultures, modern lifestyles, therefore, we are going to look for new methods to get out, thus looking for inspiration.

We are going to see horizons that we don't suspect before traveling; we will look for the impression where others won't know, we will experience a life which is a summary of our trips. It creates something unique that allows us to be opened to many subjects and to understand different things rapidly.

9. Change perspectives

When we travel, we change our perspective about people, we change perspective about the world, about beliefs that we have, and which are ingrained in our responsibility because we have always been in the same environment. The fact of changing the situation completely, it allows us to understand things differently, to understand things through the eyes of others who don't have the same education, it helps us to open our mind to be another more conscious person.

Originally published on Live Positively.