It is safe to say that planet Earth and its well-being is the responsibility of every single inhabitant on it. Furthermore, it falls upon humankind to learn the risks of their actions through science and study.And since planet Earth consists mainly of water, it becomes clear that preserving that precious resource is critical and essential for human prosperity.Every now and then, there are multiple incidents and calamities involving the ocean water, those calamities headline the news for a while, but the public eye does not care for the subject matter enough for it to have a proper impact.

1. Ocean pollution

Ocean pollution happens in very different ways. Some require the interference of natural green elements, and others are human errors that lead to a disaster. Such is the case with ferries and oil carriers, as well as waste disposal in beaches.

1.1 Shore pollution

In the days of summer, all types of people gather at the local or far beaches to refresh and enjoy the water. But those beaches also attract the attention of some people who are careless about the clean ocean water.And that is how the water turns into this dark green color, and the image under the surface becomes inaccessible.

1.2 Marine pollution

Marine pollution of the ocean is due to the careless disposal of wastes and other substances that endanger marine life. That can be through oil leaks, food products, fishing boats, and so on.There have been efforts to stop that progressing menace by having campaigns to clean the ocean.Related: What are the environmental issues and their possible solutions?

2. Repercussions of ocean pollution

Most people do not understand that cleaning the ocean can save so many lives, not just human but marine and coral life as well. Still, we have yet to find out the full effect of ocean pollution on the planet.

2.1 Marine life

The wastes sent from above sea level by ferries and fishing boats cause the fish and coral life to consume unnatural substances such as plastic and nuclear wastes from power plants.The efforts to stop this unjust abuse are scarce, but the public eye is well aware of the situation the oceans in our days are in. Therefore, the possible solutions to such a problem are at its core, which is technology.

2.2 human life

When nuclear wastes contaminate the ocean water, the sun reflects its light on it, causing clouds and what is known as acid rain. That phenomenon does not affect humans alone, but animals and plants as well.The fish that fishing boats gather can consume some of the plastic, and unwanted material is thrown into the ocean, thus making it an unreliable source of food. Consequently, those issues must take effect as soon as possible in the most efficient way.

2.3 Salinity levels

The weather that surrounds the globe follows a specific system that adheres to the correct amounts of fresh and salty water. What that means is that one liter of water houses 35 grams of salt.When the ice melts from the polar sides of the Earth, the salinity degree in the water decreases exponentially.

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