Technology disadvantages are a sensitive topic to cover for most people. That is partly due to the nature of the subject and the audience. Still, mostly it is because of the enormous development and the many breakthroughs that technology pushed to humanity.Speaking about technology disadvantages is a sin, especially in a time when almost every significant activity in our daily lives is digital. But it is imperative to point out that those disadvantages can cause many problems that technology itself might not be able to solve.

1. Digitalization

It is the new age of technological development in data science and computing power. The act of trusting technology's disadvantages to modify, store, and even manage personal information is unsound.The digitalization of certain services like listening to music, taking pictures, and watching content is a slippery slope. Most people who use this technology are not aware of how exposed they are.In our time, anyone can get a glimpse of someone's personal life with a couple of quick swipes on a smartphone, not to mention the excessive use of hashtags and mentions. People are brought closer to each other via utilizing these traits, but there are cons to them that are worth exploring.

1.1 Privacy

Privacy is a significant concern, these days, and not many people are in on this concern. The only ones that seem to care enough to research this are the people who remember a time when the internet had its connectivity without giving anything away.Nowadays, people write their entire life philosophy on their front page and post statuses that tell people how they feel. Which is a good thing from a casual standpoint, but it quickly turns into a battle with one's own feeling in retrospect.Privacy, or lack thereof, is one of the many disadvantages of technology development and the march of science. It holds a valuable asset that is communication and connectivity, but at some point, one must decide which is more important.

1.2 Psychology

Another one of technology disadvantages is the psychology, and emotionless sense of realism people tend to get from digital dialogue, online presence, and so on. Digitalization camouflaged the regular use of emoji's as a replacer for humanity, but it made it hip and modern.Today, everyone with an Instagram or Facebook account can speak their minds about a specific issue that they find offensive or essential to discuss.And while that may be due to a common misperception as a positive way of expressing oneself, people do not tend to think their opinions through properly. That is due to them speaking about a topic that they are not entirely well informed about because it is a trending topic that everyone tackles.It mostly has to do with online presence and personality. It requires those personalities to tackle the said topic in the limited it is trending in, without mentioning the misinformation that results from that.In many ways, technology forces us to be up to date on everything now that the entire world is available in one's pocket. But the mind-numbing frustration that accompanies dealing with online personas and the false influence in some cases is immense. So much so that it becomes a reality for many.

2. Environmental effects

It is out of question that technology pushed humanity forward, but there are articles about technology disadvantages as much as technology advantages. And one significant and popular reason for that dynamic is its substantial effect on nature's ecosystem and what it means for the future.We often find that car companies change their engines from internal combustion or petrol to electric or hybrid systems. That gives them more range and better carbon dioxide emissions percentage in the aftermath of what was seemingly a revolution of environmental change in the 2010s.The earth's atmosphere holds the fine line between the evolution and extinction of humankind. For some reason, humanity can't let go of some of their habits for the greater good of the race.If the situation develops into high status, no one knows what could result from the disadvantages of technology.Related: Videogame technology and the future of entertainment

3. Emotions

Another aspect of technology disadvantages that goes without saying is the emotionless element of it. But, as most people think it means that technology sucks out the emotions of people, which it does, that is not the reason.The reason behind this vast wave of emotionless interactions between people is that it takes the emotional involvement people have in a conversation, as well as the satisfaction human beings get from statements and apologies.Mechanisms like the emoji keyboard and GIF system are a clear example of that, where the makers of said product abuse the user's desire for more customization and more powerful emotions to convey.The problem stands out, particularly when trying to convey certain emotions through an emoji that people online tend to use frequently in the wrong context. That creates a sense of ambiguity around these signs that people actively use today to express themselves.

4. Addiction

The most notable phenomenon from all the previous technology disadvantages is its ability to control and hook its users for very long periods, and even prevent them from doing normal everyday human behavior.This ability is due to the number of services and requirements technology provides for its hardcore users as opposed to a casual one. And when it comes to the twenty-first century, everyone with a small budget can become hardcore users. Whether it be social media or online presence or even online work, it will take over the grand majority of the time and also replace many devices used before for various tasks.

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