A healthy morning routine is the backbone of an effective self-care practice. Not to mention that it helps set the tone for the entire day.This explains why it is vital to cement healthy morning habits. That's because it helps ensure that you remain productive without neglecting your well-being.Are you ready to set up healthy habits so you can start your day right? Keep on reading.

1. Make Your Bed

Navy Admiral William H. McRaven once said that making your bed allows you to finish the first task of the day. This gives you a sense of pride and encourages you to complete one task after the other.Also, making your bed is one way to declutter. And you know what they say about a messy room. It reflects your state of mind.If you want to start the day right, you have to make your bed first.

2. Declutter Your Space

Once you made your bed, it would be best to declutter your space next.For instance, you can clean your bathroom vanity after you take a shower. You can also opt to take the dishes out of the dishwasher while waiting for your coffee to brew.As the people at Cleaning Exec House Cleaning NYC advises, you can use your idle time to do a little cleaning. Doing so allows you to reduce the amount of time you need to spend for general home cleaning.

3. Drink a Glass of Water

There is no denying that keeping yourself hydrated comes with a lot of benefits.Moreover, your body excretes water through sweat while you are asleep. This means that you wake up dehydrated. Hence, it makes sense to drink a glass of water first thing in the morning.Aside from rehydrating yourself, drinking water in the morning also makes you alert. And this is essential to maintain your brain's optimal activity.So if you want to be productive, make sure to drink a glass of water when you wake up.

4. Reduce Decision Fatigue

If you want to take care of yourself better, it will help if you make it obvious.For example, you want to jog for 30 minutes every morning. What you can do is prepare your workout clothes the night before.Doing so will not just remind you of the task at hand. You are also making it easy for yourself to take action. Not to mention that you no longer have to think of what you should wear.Mind you; those micro-decisions can add up. That's why you should make it a habit to prep things you'll need the night before.Related: Remaining focused and motivated while practicing social distancing

5. Put Off Checking Your Phone

Nowadays, it is common for people to check their smartphones upon waking up.However, this is not helpful if you want to start your day right. That's because your gadget serves as the gateway for a flood of information. This can lead to information overload, which can cause you to stress early in the morning.Checking your phone also puts you in reactive mode. This can derail you from being productive.That said, it would be best to put off checking your smartphone. It is advisable to make your bed and have a cup of coffee before you check your phone.

6. Work Out or Stretch

There is something beneficial about working out or stretching in the morning. Aside from having optimal physical health, you can do your routine with few distractions.It also wakes up every cell in your body, which helps you have a productive day.But whether you lead an active lifestyle or not, you can always enjoy a good stretch in the morning. And it does not have to be a full-on yoga routine, either.You can start your day doing these simple morning stretches.

7. Review Your To-Do List

Whether you work from home or not, the mornings are a great time to write and review your to-do list.For one, you have few distractions. Meaning you have a clearer mind to think through the things that you need to accomplish.It also provides you the opportunity to strategize how you should tackle your tasks. This includes breaking down big responsibilities and planning it by priority or urgency.But the most crucial part is that it gets you to the right work mindset.So, if you want to have a productive day, you can start by reviewing your to-do list.

Start Building Your Morning Routine

Here's the thing: Each one of us has different preferences for an ideal morning. But if you are yet to build a morning routine, you can start with the tips we have on this post.That said, now is a great time to experiment and explore what "starting the day right" means for you.So start by doing one of the things in our list, and work your way through it. That way, you can ensure that you always have a productive day.

Originally published on Live Positively.