Traveling to Europe means discovering many different cultures and landscapes. It all depends on what you are looking for, but the answer will necessarily be found in one of the European countries.If you want sun, you can take advantage of countries such as Italy and its islands, Spain, Croatia, Greece, Malta or Portugal. So many places that are full of heavenly beaches that offer you a relaxing and lazy vacation. But if you are also attracted to colder but still want a beautiful destination, you can go to Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, or even Finland. There is much to see in these countries which attract more and more people each year and which will not stop amazing you.For culture and history lovers, the big European cities will know how to meet your desires, especially thanks to their museums, their recurring events, and their places steeped in history.So, whatever your travel desires, traveling to Europe is always a good solution for your holidays!

Best destinations in Europe

Traveling to Europe is the wish of many; this is our selection of the most visited countries in Europe.

1. England

A nation of remarkable culture, buildings with elegant architecture, fascinating hotels in England, and phenomenal art collections. Once in England, go and discover its treasures and its royal heritage, before letting yourself be tempted by its prestigious signs dedicated to shopping and gastronomy.In the countryside or by the sea, the landscapes of England are revealed to you during an unforgettable stay.

2. France

When you plan traveling to Europe, the first country that comes to mind for many is France. With six mountain ranges dotted with ski slopes, 3,427 km of coastline with legendary beaches and cities with world-famous heritage, it is not surprising that France is one of the first countries visited in the world. Going on vacation to France is going to discover a culture and a way of life known throughout the world.

3. Spain

One of the best destinations while traveling to Europe is Spain. If you are going on holiday to Spain, you will enjoy a pleasant climate all year round. Stroll through luminous cities, sheltering houses with flowered patios and streets with orange trees covered with fruit. In Spain, many cities are steeped in history, at the heart of regions that invite you to discover.

4. Italy

Italy occupies the third place in terms of the number of tourists in Europe, as it has received about 48.6 million tourists. Tourists are attracted to the luxury cities of Italy, such as; Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, and Naples, and Venice is especially famous for its water channels that extend around old buildings and houses.Related: A Wonderful Escape: Why Traveling is the Perfect Stress Reliever

5. Greece

Do you want sun, beautiful landscapes, white and blue? Take off on a trip to Greece! From the land of history to paradise islands, this is a destination that is both beautiful and rewarding to explore at least once in your life.

6. Portugal

Another country which is worth to visit while traveling to Europe is Portugal. Holidays in Portugal allow you to discover an authentic country and great beaches bordering the Atlantic Ocean. This country has no land borders except Spain. It has a magnificent coastline from north to south, which is still fairly wild. The capital of Portugal, Lisbon, is an incredibly picturesque city, built on seven hills, with many historic districts.

7. Turkey

Beautiful beaches, magnificent landscapes of mountains and plains, a trip to Turkey evokes a bygone era, that of palaces and sultans. Take off for a vacation with a subtle blend of East and West.

8. Iceland

Island is an often-overlooked destination that attracts lovers of nature and the great outdoors. In Iceland, glaciers rub shoulders with still steaming volcanic lava fields. The land of elves and fairies is an invitation to dreams for a vacation in Iceland, against the backdrop of the northern lights in winter.

9. Germany

Germany receives large numbers of tourists up to 35.6 million tourists annually, and the most important cities that play an important role in attracting tourists are; Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, and the castle of Lutz in Rayland, and is also famous for the spread of picturesque parks in it.

10. Croatia

Croatia is increasingly a flagship destination for the summer. On the Adriatic Sea, it allows you to spend memorable summer holidays thanks to its diversity of natural landscapes. Between its coastline of more than 2000 kilometers and its multitude of beaches, its unique national parks and waterfalls, the atypical cities, the Roman ruins, and more than 1000 islands, you understand there is a choice! With family, friends, or as a couple, there is something for everyone.

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